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Fleet Service Technician job in Littleton

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Job Ref:  1200174
Organization:  City of Littleton
Job Category:  Fleet Services
Job Type:  Full Time
Country:  USA
State/Province:  Colorado (CO)
City:  Littleton
Post Code:  80120
Salary and Benefits:  $45,301.00 to $47,566.00
Performs semi-skilled, skilled, and administrative duties in maintenance and repair of a wide variety of vehicles and equipment. Performs preventive maintenance and general repair operations on city vehicles and equipment including passenger cars; light, medium, and heavy trucks; fire trucks and rescue vehicles; off-road graders, loaders and backhoes; snowplows; salt/sand spreaders; and lawn and grounds maintenance equipment. Performs other related duties as assigned, such as vehicle and parts pick-up and delivery.  Prepares daily work orders and maintains daily work logs. Operates a personal computer and enters vehicle maintenance and repair data using assigned software. Maintains maintenance shop and equipment in good working condition.


 Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
The following statements are illustrative of the essential functions of the job and do not include other nonessential or peripheral duties that may be required. The organization retains the right to modify or change the duties or essential functions of the job at any time.
  • Performs preventive maintenance or repair on assigned vehicles and equipment. Interprets, understands, and determines problems, deficiencies, and solutions for breakages that have been reported on work orders by the Fire Department, Police, and other operators of City property being repaired or maintained by the City. These maintenance and repair activities are performed daily on one of three types of vehicles and equipment as follows: general maintenance of passenger cars and light trucks including one-ton trucks; heavy trucks and off-road equipment; or fire department vehicles and equipment including pumpers, telesquirts, staff cars, rescue vehicles, and stand-by power systems. Preventive maintenance activities include, but are not limited to: inspection and diagnostic testing of vehicles; checking and adding or changing fluid levels; adjusting vehicle engines, mechanical and electrical systems; replacing parts as required.
  • Diagnoses, troubleshoots, and makes adjustments and repairs to vehicles and equipment including, but not limited to, diesel and gasoline engines, fuel systems, drive train components, pumps, brake systems, air conditioning systems and other systems, and assemblies on assigned vehicles and equipment. Uses an established, systematic approach to learn as much as possible about a vehicle or equipment problem; then proceeds through a step-by-step diagnosis process to identify the problem and take the necessary action to make the proper repairs and solve the problem.
  • Uses a personal computer and assigned software to prepare work orders, record time spent and parts used for vehicle maintenance and repair, and create records and reports related to fleet maintenance activities.
  • Picks up and delivers vehicles and equipment as required.
  • Maintains work area, tools, and equipment in a clean and safe condition; responsible for reporting unsafe acts or conditions to supervisor.
  • Reviews daily work assignments and reports daily work progress to supervisor. Performs daily work schedule and establishes work priorities to complete scheduled and assigned work within the parameters assigned by the supervisor.
  • Responds, as necessary, to emergency calls to make temporary or permanent repairs or adjustments to city vehicles and equipment.
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships and interactions with supervisors, other city employees, vendors, and the public through oral and written communications; observes and follows established city and department policies, procedures, rules; orders, and instructions from the supervisor in the daily conduct of the job;
  • Delivers work products and services within the assigned full-time work schedule. This position requires employee to work overtime hours, as required, and be available to respond, as necessary, to emergency calls for vehicle or equipment repair or assistance that may occur outside the assigned work schedule. Compensation for overtime pay is in accordance with city procedures.
  • All of the above duties may be performed by any mechanic, depending upon the operational needs of the fleet maintenance division.
  •  Performs janitorial tasks, as required, to maintain the cleanliness of fleet maintenance area. Tasks may include but are not limited to sweeping and washing floors; emptying wastebaskets, and performing other cleaning tasks as assigned.
  • Performs welding or machine work necessary to fabricate parts or other components to complete repairs on assigned vehicles and equipment.
  • Picks up or delivers parts as required.
  • Performs other assignments and projects as required.


 Education, Formal Training & Experience:
  • Requires completion of a standard high school course or its equivalent; and
  • Requires a minimum of two years’ work experience in maintaining and repairing heavy trucks including diesel engines and air brake systems; training in emergency vehicle repair preferred; and
  • Requires a strong background in electrical and computerized system troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair; or
  • Requires a Colorado Commercial Driver's License (CDL), Class “B” or higher, with air brake endorsement upon hire or within six months of hire; and a qualifying driver's history as prescribed by the city’s personnel policies and procedures; and,
  • Requires possession of a minimum of four ASE certifications, both light and heavy duty as well as newer models of equipment and vehicles upon hire or within six months of hire.
  • Requires an equivalent combination of formal education, training, and work experience that produces the knowledge, skill, and abilities to successfully perform the essential duties/ responsibilities of the position.


 Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Working Environment:
  • Requires solid knowledge of the principles, practices, materials, and methods of: general automotive mechanics; computerized engines, lighting systems, and other components that are computerized on newer model vehicles; gasoline and diesel engine maintenance and repair; vehicle and equipment diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair; and the skill and ability to apply that knowledge to perform the essential functions of the position.
  • Requires basic knowledge of the principles, practices, materials, and methods of heavy duty diesel and air brake maintenance and repair; electrical system maintenance and repair for automobiles and trucks; welding and fabrication; equipment operation and use; hand and power tool operation and use, and the skill and ability to apply that knowledge to perform the essential functions of the position.
  • Requires solid mechanical and basic mathematical aptitude, understanding and analytic ability sufficient to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair passenger automobiles, gasoline and diesel trucks, fire apparatus and equipment; and operate these vehicles and equipment in order to perform essential job functions.
  • Ability to communicate verbally, in-person, by telephone and by two-way radio; ability to read, interpret and follow equipment operation and preventive maintenance manuals written in the English language, guidelines, wiring diagrams, and checklists; vehicle and equipment diagrams and manuals; MSDS sheets; manufacturers guides for various operations; written supervisor instructions and other written materials; keeps vehicle and equipment maintenance records and complete forms; sufficient hearing acuity to hear audio signals, voices, and equipment operating sounds to determine proper operation; sufficient near and far visual acuity with depth perception, field of vision, and accommodation to see and identify people, buildings, tools and equipment, controls, gauges, written information and instructions; and ability to work independently within established guidelines.
  • Ability to use mathematical reasoning is necessary to carry out the regulations and requirements.
  • Ability to utilize analytical skills and apply results.
  • Ability to use and apply technology.
  • Ability to perform physically demanding work that is considered to be heavy in nature. The work is performed in a variety of environmental conditions as described in the working environment/physical requirements section of this job description.
  • The skill and ability to safely and effectively operate vehicles and equipment; requires ability to obtain a diesel emissions (opacity) inspection license; ability to attend work-related training sessions to improve skill levels that may occasionally require class attendance during evening hours or on weekends.
  • Possesses the knowledge and skill to do tests on fire apparatus.
Physical Requirements:

  • Physical requirements include the performance of heavy work consisting of physically-demanding tasks that include, but are not limited to frequently lifting and carrying tools and tool boxes weighing up to 50 pounds; occasionally pushing and pulling diagnostic machines and tool boxes weighing up to 100 pounds; occasionally pushing disabled vehicles with assistance; occasionally lifting wheel, tire, and brake assemblies weighing up to 100 pounds; frequently using hands and arms to operate and adjust controls on tools, machinery and equipment and use tools to perform essential duties; frequently climbing, stooping, crouching, reaching, handling, fingering, and feeling to operate tools to maintain or repair vehicles and equipment; occasionally balancing, kneeling, and crawling to maintain or repair vehicles and equipment; occasional smelling to detect gasoline leaks or unusual odors; hearing ordinary voices in-person and by radio, horns, signals, and power and mechanical equipment operation; seeing with near and far acuity, depth perception, field of vision, color vision, and accommodation to perform essential job functions.
  • Mental abilities required to perform the job functions include the following: alertness, precision, ingenuity, problem-solving, analytic ability, spatial perception, persuasiveness, auditory discrimination, tactile discrimination, speaking ability, memory, creativity, concentration, judgment, olfactory discrimination, writing ability, reasoning, initiative, patience and visual discrimination.
  • Approximately 45% of this work is performed while standing, 45% while walking and 10% while sitting. Approximately 70% of this work is performed indoors in a vehicle maintenance (shop) environment. Approximately 30% of this work is performed outdoors including the operation of a variety of city vehicles and equipment and providing emergency roadside repair or vehicle retrieval. This work includes exposure to extreme cold, with or without temperature changes; extreme heat with or without temperature changes; wet and/or humid weather conditions, snow, ice, hail, and rain; vehicle and equipment vibration and noise estimated at up to 120 decibels of unprotected exposure for an average of up to 15 minutes per day (the use of hearing protection devices to reduce noise exposure to acceptable OSHA levels is mandatory); exposure to fumes, odors, dusts, mists and gases; poor ventilation; exposure to hazards from mechanical and electrical equipment operation (the use of protective eyewear while operating power and hand tools or performing work involving potential eye injury hazards is mandatory); frequent exposure to hazards from burns and radiant energy; frequent exposure to hazards from toxic and caustic chemicals including battery acid and cleaning solvents.

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