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Emergency Management Resources
  • Public Works Incident Management Manual This guide will familiarize you with the terminology and teach you how to use the strategies of the Incident Command System to manage from the smallest incidents to the largest, most complex catastrophes.
  • Writing Your Emergency/Disaster Plan (2nd Ed) This guide gives valuable information on how to develop a public works annex that ensures that public works activities are incorporated into a jurisdiction's emergency operating plan (EOP). Each chapter is updated or expanded, and a new chapter has been added on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and incident command for public works/utility/water-wastewater systems.
  • Public Works and Emergency Operations: As the steward of critical public infrastructure, public works has a significant place on the emergency management team to lessen the potentially devastating and long-lasting impact disruptions or destruction of public services can inflict on a community.
  • Incident Command System (ICS) Pocket Guide When disaster strikes your community, your command structure shouldn't be a disaster in itself! All incidents require a coordinated effort to ensure an effective response. ICS was invented to achieve this coordination, and this Pocket Guide will help you understand and implement ICS.