Transportation Subcommittees

Project Streamlining
This Subcommittee's mission is to work with FHWA on behalf of APWA member agencies to improve the federal-aid Local Public Agency (LPA) project delivery process through training and improving processes, guidance and reference materials, in order to streamline and expedite the administration and delivery of federal-aid projects in a cost effective manner compliant with federal and state regulations.

Road Safety
The mission of the Subcommittee is to assist APWA member agencies to reduce the frequency and severity of serious crashes in their own jurisdictions, with policies and techniques that are cost-effective and appropriate for local governments. The Sub-committee develops strategies and recommends policy and position statements to the Transportation Committee to accomplish this mission.
Sustainable Transportation
The mission of this subcommittee is to gather information on the best practices in sustainable transportation and encourage their use by educating the APWA membership. The subcommittee primarily serves the Transportation Committee’s goal to “assist APWA members to acquire and maintain the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully manage public works infrastructure and deliver transportation services cost effectively.” The APWA Center for Sustainability core principles also provides guidance to the subcommittee’s efforts.
Winter Maintenance
The mission of the subcommittee is to promote the development and use of the safest, most cost effective, efficient and environmentally sensitive winter maintenance technologies, equipment, materials and practices; thus providing citizens with excellent quality of life during the snow and ice season.

Federal Transportation
The primary role of the Federal Transportation Subcommittee is to review the recently enacted Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act law (Public Law 114-94) and update APWA’s surface transportation policy to reflect the new law.  The Subcommittee’s work ultimately will be utilized to ensure federal level policymakers are educated on APWA’s surface transportation priorities, as well as serve as a template to APWA members in their local advocacy efforts.