An advocacy position statement would clearly state APWA support for or opposition to a legislative issue. This statement would be issue specific in nature, and directed to local, state, and national legislators and governmental agency administrators. (TEA 21- Reauthorization)

A guidance position statement recommends that public works professionals follow certain practices, methods, and activities. (Outreach to K-12 Students on Careers in Public Works)

A regulatory position will state APWA support for action to be taken by an administrative or regulatory body. (Future of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices)
(This information is taken from The APWA Policy and Position Statement Development Process accepted by the APWA Board of Directors, May 24, 2003.  For more information please visit the APWA Advocacy Positions.)

Transportation Advocacy Statements

1.     Partnerships in Transportation
2.     Complete Streets
3.     Goods Movement
4.     Intelligent Transportation Systems
5.     Multimodal Transportation Systems
6.     Partially Federally Funded Transportation Projects
7.     Public Transportation

8.     Reauthorization of Surface Transportation Programs
9.     Transportation Funding
10.   Transportation Safety
11.   Urban & Rural Mobility

Transportation Guidance Statements

1.     Transportation Management
2.     Transportation System Preservation

Transportation Regulatory Positions

1.     Manual on Uniform Traffic Devices (MUTCD)