A message from Jenny Gulick

Facilities and Grounds Committee Chair 2014-2015

While new infrastructure projects and other aspects of public works management may get all the “glory,” the professional management of public facilities and grounds is of equal importance to the safety, livability, and growth of our communities. We have the responsibility to both our employees and the citizens to maintain efficient and functional public buildings, and to sustain safe and attractive community forests, parks, and other public landscapes.

The role of buildings and grounds managers in public works is changing. And now, the demand for innovative and professional maintenance of these public assets requires us to focus on ways to improve our skills in leadership and decision-making, supervising and delegating, teamwork, communicating and listening, strategic planning and implementing plans, and problem solving.

While the research and application of sustainable facility and grounds maintenance practices continue to evolve, the Facilities and Grounds Technical Committee strives to support you find solutions to your opportunities and challenges by providing the latest and greatest in best management practices, continuing education opportunities, and connections with fellow practitioners and managers.

If you gain new knowledge and skills in facilities and grounds maintenance from APWA, then the Facilities and Grounds Technical Committee will know we’ve done our job, which is to serve you and allow you to contribute to the larger goal of improving the level of professionalism in public works. We're in a profession that requires increasing technical and management ability and dedication, so please let us know how we can help you.

Jenny Gulick
Senior Urban Forester Davey Resource Group

 Facilities and Grounds Committee Mission Statement:
The mission of the Facilities and Grounds Committee of the APWA is to provide APWA members with the resources for exchanging and developing ideas, information, skills, knowledge, and technologies for the operation, management, and maintenance of public buildings, grounds, and parks.  The committee also recommends and advances APWA policies and positions concerning public buildings and grounds issues. Please click on the "Roster" option to the left for more information on how to contact the committee members.