Apr 13, 2015

Support Water Week 2015

During the week of April 12 – 18, 2015, water sector organizations with members spanning the nation – and in some cases the globe – will gather in Washington, DC.

Water and wastewater professionals from communities across the country will come together to consider and advocate for national policies that advance clean and safe waters – and ensure a healthy sustainable environment.

APWA supports Water Week, and seeks to increase public awareness on public works issues on the national, regional and local levels regarding increased federal investment in increased support for clean water and drinking water infrastructure, and clarity in wastewater infrastructure guidelines.

For additional water and sewers resources, visit http://www.apwa.net/Topics/Water-and-Sewers.

For more information about APWA's water-related priorities and positions:
Advocacy priorities -  www.apwa.net/be_involved/Priorities-and-Positions/Public-Policy-Advocacy-Priorities.

Advocacy positions - www.apwa.net/be_involved/Priorities-and-Positions/Public-Policy-Advocacy-Positions

Guidance positions - http://www.apwa.net/be_involved/Priorities-and-Positions/Guidance-Positions.