Nov 24, 2014

CBS 60 Minutes: America’s Infrastructure “On Life Support”

On Sunday, November 23rd, CBS 60 Minutes aired a segment highlighting the crumbling state of the nation’s infrastructure, noting the inadequacy of the Highway Trust Fund and that the federal gas tax has not been increased since 1993.  On average, over 13 million people view 60 Minutes, with another million listening on radio simulcast.

The feature story by CBS reporter Steve Kroft stressed that nearly 70,000 bridges in the U.S.  are structurally deficient, and roads, airports and railways are in dire need of support.  Former U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood stated the nation’s roads and bridges are “on life support”.  He went on to comment that Washington politicians don’t have a vision of America the way that other Congresses have had.

The segment highlighted the fact that there seems to be near unanimous agreement in Congress that we have not invested sufficiently in our nation’s infrastructure, yet Congress is unable to come up with any politically acceptable solution. It noted the impact a poor quality infrastructure has on our economic competiveness.

APWA President Larry Stevens, PE, PWLF commented,  ”CBS and 60 Minutes are to be commended for raising awareness of our infrastructure deficit in this country, but this is not a surprise to public works professionals and APWA. We have, for years and years, advised Congress and others that the cost of inaction is a severe blow to our economy and competiveness.  It is now time for members of Congress to act, not commission another study or talk about the problem. To act.”            

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