What is an APWA Public Works Institute?
An institute is an educational/training program offered by APWA through individual chapters concentrating on management and leadership professional development.

What is the difference between an Academy and an Institute?
Traditionally, an institute offers courses focused at professional and management development. In an academy, courses relate to increased technical abilities. Academies teach how to do the specialized functions relating to public works and institutes teach how to manage individuals or teams doing the work.

Who benefits from attending an institute?
The ideal audience is “current first-line supervisors and up” and “those aspiring to become leaders within the profession.”

How will my chapter benefit from offering an institute program?
Offering an institute program can benefit your chapter in several ways:

  • Training a new generation of leaders and managers for the agencies located in your area
  • Increasing the visibility and membership of your chapter
  • Producing additional revenue for your chapter

How much time will it take?
Offering a chapter institute program requires a large commitment from your chapter. It is highly recommended you identify an ongoing steering/planning committee to oversee the program. Responsibilities of the committee could include: identification of content and speakers each year; marketing and recruitment of attendees; review and discussion of evaluation results; and onsite appearances at institute meetings.

How much will it cost my chapter?
Adaptability and flexibility to accommodate regional and cultural needs were a priority for the Public Works Institute Task Force. Therefore, as long as chapters address the 10 core areas of study and provide a minimum of 90 educational classroom contact hours of instruction, they have the flexibility to tailor the program to fit their specific needs. A Steering/Planning Committee is proposed to oversee and verify the institute objectives are met. Chapters will have the ability to determine the scheduling and emphasis of the core areas of study, registration fees, higher education affiliations/sponsorships, and the use of self-assessment tools and examinations. Fee determination associated with the Institute will be the responsibility of the chapter.

What do participants receive upon completion of the Institute?
Participants receive a certificate from National customized to reflect chapter designations. Chapters and other sponsoring eductional organizations may also award certificates.

What are the 10 core areas of study?

  • Supervisory Techniques and Skills
  • Basic Management Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Community Service/Customer Orientation Skills
  • Legal Understanding
  • Fundamentals of Government
  • Finance
  • Resource Management Skills
  • Public Works Operations

Who can I contact to help me get started?
If you are looking for additional information about starting a public works institute for your chapter, contact Becky Stein, (816) 595-5212 or bstein@apwa.net

How does an Institute get approved by National?
Click here for Institute Approval Process

What if I still have questions?
National staff point of contact for additional questions or concerns is Becky Stein at (816) 595-5212 or bstein@apwa.net.