Is PWS for you?
  • If you are interested in receiving a designation to show that you have attained recognition for skills, knowledge and practical application in supervision
  • If you are new to supervision and wish to begin working toward a designation
  • If you have supervisory experience but are new to public works
  • If you are interested in preparing yourself for opportunities in public works as a supervisor or team leader
How will the PWS program benefit you?
  • You will develop a personalized professional development plan based on the results of your assessment
  • You will work with others who are interested in becoming supervisors and leaders in the area of public works
  • You will have access to an executive public works mentor
  • You will learn the basics in supervision and the latest thinking in leadership and how these apply to public works situations
What is the PWS designation?
The APWA Public Works Supervisor (PWS) designation provides national recognition that you have successfully completed the requirements of a rigorous program and have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to perform as an effective supervisor. Once obtained, individuals will need to fulfill the professional development requirements for renewal.

Who will review my application?
All applications are reviewed by the DCS Center Program Council. This is a group of experienced public works professionals selected by the Board of Directors because of their leadership and commitment to APWA.

What is an APWA Public Works Institute?
The Public Works Institutes are designed for supervisors and managers who aspire to become leaders; the curriculum covers ten core areas that are the basis for effective public works leadership. Institutes are offered by APWA chapters in a variety of formats. Many are face-to-face courses that are run as multi-day workshops that span one to three years.  Others are online programs and can be instructor-led or self-paced. The total cost rangesfrom $900 to $4,200.   

Can I proceed to the next level in the DCS Center?
After you have successfully completed the Level 1 Public Works Supervisor program, you are qualified to enter the Level 2 PW Manager program without the college degree or experience requirements. 

What are the requirements for renewing the PWS designation?
  • Continue to work on the professional development plan and journal documentation
  • Complete a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education each year and record hours in your journal
  • Abide by the ethical standards set by the American Public Works Association Board of Directors
What qualifies for 20 hours of continuing education?
  • Read articles or books on supervision and leadership with documentation in the journal
  • Volunteer at a local APWA chapter
  • Attend training programs offered by APWA or other associations, agencies, or municipalities
  • Attend APWA national conferences: International Public Works Congress & Exposition, North American Snow Conference, or Sustainability in Public Works Conference
  • Attend public works related conferences offered by other organizations
  • Participate in Click, Listen, & Learn programs offered by APWA
What are the expenses related to applying for the Public Works Supervisor program?
Earning a Donald C. Stone Center designation is making an investment in yourself—and your future. The Public Works Supervisor program can open the door to more career choices and increase your earning potential. For expenses, please refer to the chart below. The cost of attending an institute is not included in the fees shown below.

PWS Fees APWA Member Price Non-Member Price
Application Fee $50.00 USD $50.00 USD
First Year Enrollment Fee $199.99 USD $299.99 USD*
Annual Fee (after first year) $50.00 USD $50.00 USD
*includes 1 year membership in the American Public Works Association (APWA)
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