Emergency Management
Risk Map Program
Public Works and National Preparedness
Public Works and the Stafford Act
Public Works and Cyber Security
Public Works & Interoperable Communications
Engineering and Technology
Qualifications Based Selection
Responsible Charge
Americans with Disabilities
Establishing a National Priority for Fuel
Alternative Fuel and Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Solid Waste Management
Organics Recycling
Electronics Recycling 
Safe Disposal of Pharmaceutical Waste
Urban Infilling Impacts on Solid Waste Facilities
Junk Mail and Creation of National Do Not Mail Registry
Integrated Solid Waste Management
Climate Change Legislation & Local Government Adaptation Funding
Reauthorization of Surface Transportation Programs
Improving Urban & Rural Mobility
Streamlining Project Delivery Through Partnerships in Transportation
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Transportation Funding
Partially Federally Funded Transportation Projects
Public Transportation
Transportation Safety
Complete Streets
Freight Movement
Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities
Utilities and Public Rights of Way
Rights-of-Way Management
Clean Water Policy
Endangered Species Act
Wetlands Protection
Clean Water Act Reauthorization
National Drought Policy
Watershed Approach to Water Quality
Funding for Water and Wastewater Facilities
Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) Update
Safe Disposal of Pharmaceutical Waste
Federal Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Policy