APWA formulates position statements addressing public policy issues that affect  public works professionals and their jobs.

Advocacy Priorities
APWA takes a member-based approach to advocacy, to ensure that federal policy is created with the input and perspective of local public works officials. Each year, the Government Affairs Committee sets forth Public Policy Advocacy Priorities that guide advocacy efforts and are implemented by the Government Affairs Office in Washington, D.C.

Position Statements
APWA position statements are developed by Technical Committees, reviewed by staff, and approved by the APWA Board of Directors. In the case of Advocacy and Regulatory positions, the Government Affairs Committee also reviews the positions.

APWA issues three different types of position statements
  1. Advocacy positions state APWA support for, or opposition to, a legislative issue. This statement is issue-specific in nature, and directed to local, state, and national legislators, and governmental agency administrators. 
  2. Guidance positions provide recommendations for public works best practices, methods, and activities. 
  3. Regulatory positions state  APWA  support for certain actions to be taken by an administrative or regulatory body.