Utility and Public Right-of-Way Events
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Utility and Public Right-of-Way Resources
  • Keyhole Technology Small-hole (keyhole) technology in the utility maintenance industry is the equivalent of microsurgery in the healthcare industry. Smaller-sized keyholes are beneficial because they minimize the disruption of traffic, minimize the requirements for the disposal of spoils, increase worker and pedestrian safety, and result in a smaller and safer work site. Experts will review the keyhole coring and restoration process and discuss its ability to compliment other trenchless processes by further reducing pavement excavation.
  • Managing Utility Cuts Through a research effort sponsored by public works agencies and utlities, this program identifies various practices to better manage utility cuts.
  • Utility Coordination for Municipal Capital This program will discuss coordinating utilities using current methods as well as new research under way to develop new technologies to leverage recent advancements in data management and visualization, and communication.
  • Excavation in the Right-of-Way This book reviews the need for coordinating and regulating activities within the public right-of-way and discusses recommended guidelines for establishing the need for implementation mechanisms.