Transportation: Pavement Management Events
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Transportation: Pavement Management Resources
  • PAVER: Concrete Distress Manual This manual contains descriptions plus measuring and rating instructions for 19 distress types found in jointed concrete pavement.
  • PAVER: Concrete Surfaced Airfields A full description of the PCI determination method for airfields and its use in pavement management is presented in this publication.
  • Why Curb and Gutter? This booklet can help you fight back by laying out the facts on the false economy of ribbon paving and highlighting many other benefits!
  • Bridge Maintenance With over 150,000 deficient bridges reported in the United States, a good bridge maintenance program is essential. Find out how to become more efficient and better equipped to perform proper maintenance and repairs. Hear from the experts how you can implement a new program or improve your existing one.
  • PAVER(TM) ImageInspector 1.1 PAVER(TM) ImageInspector takes advantage of state-of-the-art pavement image data collection methods by vehicles traveling at highway speeds, automatically assigning collected images to the appropriate pavement section using GIS and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.