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  • What Is Public Works? APWA has developed this new public outreach booklet to hand out to your city council, citizens' groups or to new employees to help them understand the scope and importance of public works.
  • How To Write a Sustainable Action Plan This program provides an overview of the process two cities - one US and one Canadian - used to develop and write Sustainability Action Plans for their communities.
  • Team Dynamics - Stepping Up to the New Normal This program allows viewers to recognize what is the "new normal" for these times of reduced resources and aging assets. It will allow for individuals to identify tools for managing political egos and to develop strategies for managing teams in the "new normal" and see them applied in real life situations.
  • Developing and Utilizing a Strategic Plan This program Identifies strategic thinking and planning processes for a public works department. It presents a specific vision of what your firm will look like in the future and will show you how to design a step-by-step process for writing a strategic plan.
  • Self-Assessment: A checklist for Improvement... Self- Assessment: A checklist for Improvement Leading to APWA Accreditation is a valuable exercise for comparing your agency's performance to best practices identified by national experts in the field of public works.
  • Public Works Incident Management Manual This guide will familiarize you with the terminology and teach you how to use the strategies of the Incident Command System to manage from the smallest incidents to the largest, most complex catastrophes.
  • Staying Practical about the ADA This book is designed to help readers see and understand the differences between the original accessibility design standards and the most recent changes (2010) now in effect.
  • Axioms and Outlooks on Public Service Described as one of the “leading public works philosopher of this day and time” John Ostrowski provides this collection of essays—previously known only to APWA’s Washington State Chapter—as irreverent and biting as you’ll find it insightful and on target? His thought processes travel from the ridiculous to the sublime (and sometimes back again), but he always gives his readers something to think about.
  • Executive Soft Skills Pocket Guide Executive managers in public works get their jobs because of excellent technical and leadership skills. But to succeed they must also master the "soft skills" that will get the hard results! This pocket guide provides tips on managing meetings, communicating effectively, handling media, promoting your agency's message, and building constructive work relationships.