Call for nominations to APWA Board issued

APWA's National and Regional Nominating Committees are currently issuing a call for nominations for Board positions.

President-elect and at-large director seats
The National Nominating Committee is currently accepting nominations of candidates to three positions: president-elect and two at-large seats in the functional areas of fleet and facilities and transportation. The president-elect serves a three-year term as president-elect, president, and past president.

In 2007, the APWA membership voted on a change to the regional and at-large directors' terms of office. All new directors on the Board will be eligible for three two-year terms of office for a total of six years. All current directors completing their first term of three years will be eligible for a second term of three years for a total of six years. All terms for individuals on the ballot will begin at the start of Congress in August 2008.

Ken A. Nerland from Fresno, CA, currently holds the at-large fleet and facilities seat. Nerland will complete his first term in August 2008 and is eligible for nomination to this director position for one additional term of three years.

John Okamoto from Seattle, WA, currently holds the at-large transportation seat. Okamoto will complete his first term in August 2008 and is eligible for nomination to this director position for one additional term of three years.

All nominations must be in the committee's hands no later than the close of business April 1, 2008. The National Nominating Committee will then meet in early May to make decisions on the ballot for the president-elect position and the two at-large positions, based on nominations received and issues such as diversity and leadership. Candidate nominations may be self-nominations or may be submitted by any APWA member or by a chapter.

The Board of Directors has issued a policy that the nominations process utilized by the National Nominating Committee for the president-elect and at-large positions will be a "selection" process by the committee, not a "campaign" for office. The Board strongly discourages "campaign" activity and expenditure of funds in support of a candidacy.

Regional director seats
There are also three regional director seats open for nomination this year. Regional Nominating Committees will nominate regional directors in Regions I, III and VII. Seats are currently held by Jean-Guy Courtemanche, Boisbriand, Quebec; Elizabeth Treadway, Greensboro, NC; and R. LeRoy Givens, P.E., Corrales, NM, respectively. Courtemanche, Treadway, and Givens are all three completing their first terms of office and are therefore eligible for a second three-year term in their regional director position. All terms will begin at the start of Congress in August 2008.

APWA members wishing to put names before their respective Regional Nominating Committee should send a letter of recommendation for each suggested candidate to the Region I, III or VII Nominating Committee in care of the national office of APWA by close of business April 1, 2008. All nominations will then be forwarded to the respective Regional Nominating Committees.

Candidate nominations may be self-nominations or may be submitted by any APWA member or by a chapter.

How to nominate an individual for national and regional offices
A package of information (electronic format is preferred) must be submitted on each nominee to contain the following:

  1. A letter of nomination addressed to the Region I, III or VII Nominating Committee or to the National Nominating Committee (whichever is appropriate). The letter must affirm the nominee has expressed a willingness to serve in the office for which they are being nominated, the office designation for which he/she is being nominated, and a brief statement to indicate the person's appropriateness for the office.

  2. A current picture of the nominee and a letter from the nominee's employer stating acceptance of the time commitment involved with the position. Questions related to time commitment for Board positions should be directed to Kaye Sullivan who will put you in contact with a current Board member.

Individuals may make unlimited nominations, but each must be in a separate letter. All nominations must reach APWA headquarters no later than close of business April 1, 2008. Electronic submissions are preferred. All nominations and questions should be directed to:

Kaye Sullivan
APWA Deputy Executive Director
2345 Grand Blvd, Suite 700
Kansas City, MO 64108-2625
Phone: (816) 595-5233
FAX: (816) 595-5333

Profile of an ideal candidate

Required for all offices:

  • APWA member in good standing (all dues and services fees paid).

Desired for all offices:

  • Knowledgeable and articulate on matters associated with public works and willing to serve as a spokesperson for APWA.
  • Highly respected in community; solid professional ethical character.
  • Active in chapter, committee, House of Delegates activities.
  • Committed to APWA and its values, and growth of the Association.
  • Willing to devote the time necessary to the fulfillment of the duties.

Desired for president-elect:

  • Service in a leadership or officership role in an APWA chapter.
  • APWA national service; experience on the APWA Board of Directors is highly desirable.
  • Continuous membership in APWA for the last five years in a voting-eligible classification.
  • Employed in the field of public works for five years within the last ten years, in a middle or higher management capacity.
  • High ethical and moral standards.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability.
  • Personal commitment to public works.
  • Broad understanding of public works elements, issues and disciplines.
  • Exhibits qualities of national stature.
  • Reputation of professionalism.


As an APWA member, you will have the opportunity to vote for members of the APWA Board of Directors between June 27 and July 25, 2008:

* APWA President-Elect;
* Two at-large directors in the functional areas of fleet and facilities and transportation; and
* Regions I, III and VII Regional Directors (by APWA members in those respective regions).

The ballot will be available for online voting between June 27 and July 25 on the "Members Only" section of the APWA website. There will also be a voting icon on the home page of our website. If you do not have access to a computer at home or work, you should be able to access the APWA website online at your local public library. You may request a paper ballot from Kaye Sullivan at (800) 848-APWA (2792) if you cannot vote online. Additional reminders of the voting process will be sent through the infoNOW Communities; through an e-mail to every member for whom we have an e-mail address; and in future issues of the APWA Reporter.

If you have questions, please contact Kaye Sullivan, APWA Deputy Executive Director, at or (800) 848-APWA (2792).


"You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." - Kahlil Gibran

APWA is soliciting nominations for appointments to national offices for the August 2008-September 2009 year. Step forward and offer your expertise to your profession. Contact your local chapter to let them know you have an interest in serving at the national level. Information on appointments may be obtained on the APWA website at or from Kaye Sullivan at National Headquarters at or at (800) 848-APWA, ext. 5233. A brief bio must be completed online or through hard copy. Nominations must arrive at headquarters by close of business March 3, 2008.