APWA Book Review

The Facility Manager's Guide to Finance & Budgeting
256 pp * AMACON American Management Association * David Cotts and Ed Rondeau

Leaky faucets and cracked pavement aren't the only demands on a facility manager's time and energy. These days, they also need topnotch financial skills—to sell their department to senior management, to win funds for crucial projects, to become fully integrated into the organization. With dramatically increased focus on security and cost containment, companies and government agencies are viewing facility management as much more than a support function—it's now a critical component of operational consistency and organizational strength.

Facilities budgets now address a much more complex array of expenditures, from personnel to technology, capital improvements to staff training—all of which means one thing for facilities professionals: When it comes to money matters, you'd better know your stuff!

Using sound principles, The Facility Manager's Guide to Finance & Budgeting gives you the financial skills you need to integrate your facility initiatives into your organization's objectives. The book explains how to:

  • Understand the essential concepts of facility work programs and programmatic planning and budgeting
  • Develop and manage an annual expense budget, then evaluate the results
  • Make financially sound "go/no go" decisions on projects requiring capital funding
  • Pinpoint significant cost-savings and cost-containment areas
  • Use unit-cost indicators to benchmark facility management initiatives
  • Create an information system and database that tie directly into the budget

This book is organized by functional areas, but it shows you how to integrate your financial and business practices across disciplines, increasing productivity, maximizing staff resources, and saving money. Each chapter begins with several "pulse points," or practices that will improve your fiscal management skills and put you on equal footing with your counterparts in other business units.

Valuable tools include sample strategic facility plans, annual work plans, annual reports to management, capital budget formats, project management reports, and many other helpful documents. Together with practical information and illuminating examples, The Facility Manager's Guide to Finance & Budgeting is a unique and crucial resource for facility managers in all organizations, both industry and government.

Written by facility managers for facility managers, this book is a crucial asset in turning your facility initiatives into strategic business components that make your department stronger and more productive—and make your contribution more valuable—every day.

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