Index to 2006 articles

Listed in this index are all articles published in the 12 issues of the APWA Reporter during 2006. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order. All of the articles can be found on the APWA Reporter web page at

Annual Buyer's Guide
Annual Buyer's Guide, April, p. 82
  Alphabetical listing, April, p. 82
  Categorical listing, April, p. 102

APWA Book Review
Writing Your Emergency/Disaster Plan, Jan, p. 21
Good until the Last Drop: A Practitioner's Guide to Water Reuse, Feb, p. 22
Waste Management Practices: Municipal, Hazardous, and Industrial, March, p. 38
Designing Small Parks: A Manual for Addressing Social and Ecological Concerns, April, p. 32
Public Works Management: Things They Never Taught in School, May, p. 15
Me, Myself and Infrastructure: Private Lives and Public Works in America, June, p. 16
Temporary Traffic Control Pocket Reference Guide, July, p. 28
Vehicle Replacement Guide, Aug, p. 20
New APWA Publications Big Hit at 2006 Congress!, Nov, p. 8
The Project Management Toolkit: 100 Tips and Techniques for Getting the Job Done Right, Dec, p. 14

Ask Ann
Jan, p. 51
Feb, p. 50
March, p. 58
April, p. 112
May, p. 28
June, p. 53
Aug, p. 38
Sept, p. 96
Oct, p. 34
Nov, p. 36

2006 Top Ten Public Works Leaders Named, May, p. 22
APWA proudly announces the Public Works Projects of the Year, July, p. 64
Chapter Membership Achievement Award winners announced, Sept, p. 10
Honoring its own, Nov, p. 30

Baker's Menu, The
An effective public works manager...
...manages workload, Jan, p. 26
...helps others to succeed, Feb, p. 24
...anticipates future needs, March, p. 39
Management Competencies: a summary of "The Baker's Menu" series, April, p. 34

Baker's Potluck, The
Oral Presentation Skills, Nov, p. 10
Coexisting with the Unions, Dec, p. 16

Celebrating 50 Years of the Interstate
Mile Marker: Celebrating 50 Years of the Interstate, April, p. 19
Before the Interstate, May, p. 17
Frank Turner and the Interstate, June, p. 21
The Interstate Compromise of 1956, July, p. 35
Golden Anniversary of the Interstate System, Aug, p. 27
Interstate 50 Anniversary: Special Edition, Sept, p. 18
Celebrating 50 Years: The Eisenhower Interstate Highway System, Sept, p. 19
The Interstate System: A Golden Anniversary, Sept, p. 21
The Freeway Revolts, Oct, p. 16
History and consequences of the Interstate, Nov, p. 16
The Interstate: What it has meant, Dec, p. 24

Congress 2006
Ten reasons to attend the APWA Congress, June, p. 6
Finding friends on the Yellow Brick Road, June, p. 8
Breakfast of Champions, June, p. 9
Kansas City in pictures, July, p. 22
Four options to attend Congress, Sept, p. 24
Don't miss these at Congress!, Sept, p. 25
One-day passes available for Congress, Sept, p. 26
2006 Congress: WOW!, Nov, p. 18
Honoring its own, Nov, p. 30
Pictures worth a thousand words, Nov, p. 34

Partnership with students helps keep ocean alive, Jan, p. 14
Diversity in Engineering: Partnering for a Change, Feb, p. 16
Recognizing the benefits of women in public works, March, p. 32
Succession Planning in Tempe, May, p. 12
A model of inclusiveness within APWA, June, p. 14
A viewpoint on women in public works, July, p. 26
Communicating with the "Salad Bowl": Some guidelines for speaking and presentations with a diverse audience, Aug, p. 16
A year ends and accomplishments are many, Sept, p. 12
Disabilities and diversity: a closer look, Oct, p. 12
Diversity activities at Congress a big success, Nov, p. 5
Professional women in public works featuring the new (PW)2 infoNOW Community!, Dec, p. 10
Humor and diversity in the workplace, Dec, p. 11

Emergency Management
The public works response to Hurricane Katrina, Jan, p. 34
Using GIS in emergency response, Jan, p. 37
Who's in charge here? Demystifying incident management for public works professionals, Jan, p. 40
The value of preparedness: US Army Corps of Engineers and Emergency Support Function #3, Jan, p. 42
Become a leader in your community and log on!, Jan, p. 44
Earthquakes: Planning for disaster response, Jan, p. 46
New floodplain maps: Improving flood control plans, insurance planning, Jan, p. 48

Engineering and Technology
Harnessing GIS during emergencies, June, p. 24
Virginia's First Cities Initiative, June, p. 26
Grinder pumps provide cost-effective sewer solution near historic road, June, p. 28
Multiple prime bidding using CM services: a solution to rising construction prices?, June, p. 30
Video-based roadway asset inventories: technology streamlines a labor-intensive task, June, p. 32
Sewer diving construction delivers cost-effective storage capacity, June, p. 34
"Swimming" in the clouds, June, p. 36
Fast-track emergency repair of the Beartooth Highway, Red Lodge, Montana, June, p. 40
Handheld GPS dramatically reduces time in field for outfall survey, June, p. 42
Road user fee pilot project attracts attention, June, p. 45
PWSA maximizes asset data collection efforts, June, p. 46
Project Memorandum Writer: A new way to do environmental review, June, p. 48
Deficiency vs. distress-based inspection and asset management approaches: a primer, June, p. 50

Facilities and Grounds
i-Tree: A suite of urban forestry management tools, April, p. 30
Innovative sidewalk repair in the City of Los Angeles, April, p. 48
Intergovernmental cooperative initiatives, April, p. 52
Building a championship facilities team, April, p. 54
Is there a compliant curb ramp out there?, April, p. 58
Upgrading access control in municipal buildings, April, p. 63
Constructing a new Department of Public Works Field Headquarters, April, p. 66
Getting more than we pay for, April, p. 70
Safety training and the art of compliance, April, p. 72
Should you defer needed maintenance and repairs to building and equipment when they are beyond their lifecycle?, April, p. 74
Let them breathe grapes: starling control in Chattanooga, April, p. 76
A park focuses on universal accessibility, April, p. 78
Innovative parking garage boasts a number of "firsts," Sept, p. 42
Municipalities take the LEED, Sept, p. 50

Insourcing for an additional revenue source, Aug, p. 29
City of Troy's insourcing experience, Aug, p. 30
Clean Diesel: Funding opportunities for cleaning your fleet and community, Aug, p. 32
Using eBay to sell vehicles, Aug, p. 34
Nitrogen tire inflation, a worthwhile alternative, Aug, p. 36
Colorado NIMS implementation, Aug, p. 37

Would you let students design your bridge? We did!, Sept, p. 28
Recruiting the best people for the job, Sept, p. 46
Selecting the right maintenance management system can improve your operations, Sept, p. 87
Capital Program Management (CPM) and optimizing the Capital Program Public Works Portfolio, Sept, p. 90
Interdepartmental teaming for the greater good, Sept, p. 92
Striking a balance for public agency service request management, Sept, p. 94

Inside APWA
Partnering for improved project and service delivery, Jan, p. 16
Member Profile: Greg Dore, Jan, p. 18
Index to 2005 articles, Jan, p. 22
President-Elect Verkest takes road trip, Feb, p. 5
Call for nominations to APWA Board issued, Feb, p. 6
Member Profile: John Habermann, Feb, p. 18
Expanding services, improving reserves: APWA financials for 2005, March, p. 8
APWA leadership witnesses Katrina aftermath, March, p. 12
Fifty-plus years with APWA, March, p. 18
Enhance your community outreach efforts with APWA's Discovering the World of Public Works, March, p. 30
Member Profile: Maureen McCauley, March, p. 34
APWA Board of Directors, April, p. 6
Meet the APWA staff, April, p. 7
APWA Standards of Professional Conduct: Tenet Nos. 1 & 2, June, p. 10
APWA Standards of Professional Conduct: Tenet Nos. 3 & 7, June, p. 12
Candidates for the 2006-2007 APWA Board of Directors named, July, p. 6
APWA Standards of Professional Conduct: Tenet Nos. 4, 5 & 6, July, p. 20
So, you want to be a Certified Public Fleet Professional, Aug, p. 10
No fines for cruising in APWA's WorkZone!, Aug, p. 12
New Board member appointed, Oct, p. 13
APWA President joins release of California infrastructure grades, Nov, p. 6

International Idea Exchange
Emergency Management in Australia: an overview, Jan, p. 30
Behavioral guidelines for the Public Works Tourist, Feb, p. 28
Engineer shortage: Three things you can do!, March, p. 42
Czech and Slovak Republics' Summer 2006 Public Works Conferences, March, p. 43
Public Works in modern-day China, April, p. 38
Czech and Slovak Republics' Summer 2006 Public Works Conferences, April, p. 44
2006 Jennings Randolph Fellowship recipients named, April, p. 45
Pulse of the City, May, p. 18
Teaching Public Works in El Salvador, June, p. 18
Some great engineering feats, June, p. 20
The opportunity of a lifetime, July, p. 30
Transportation Facts, July, p. 32
Pulse of the City, Aug, p. 24
International Affairs Committee: 2006 year in review, Sept, p. 54
Experiences from the 2006 International Public Works Conference in the Czech Republic, Sept, p. 56
Mexican Public Works and Services Congress and Exhibition, Sept, p. 57
Call for applicants for 2007 Jennings Randolph International Fellowship Program, Sept, p. 58
Skills shortages in local government in Australia, Oct, p. 14
Towards an International Roundtable on Asset Management, Nov, p. 12
New Zealand Community Engagement: Asset Risk Assessment and Stakeholder Tradeoffs, Dec, p. 18
Jennings Randolph Fellowship trip to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Dec, p. 22

Leadership and Management
Building a better future, Aug, p. 14
Succession planning for our next-generation leaders, Sept, p. 14
Is performance measurement stifling your performance?, Dec, p. 26
Is your performance stifling performance measurement?, Dec, p. 30
Three to nine ways to save money, Dec, p. 32
Efficiency vs. Effectiveness, Dec, p. 34
Strategic Planning: Left-Brain or Right-Brain—Rethinking it, Dec, p. 36

National Public Works Week
National Public Works Week in Bettendorf, March, p. 19
What you can do for National Public Works Week, April, p. 27
National Public Works Week in West Valley City, May, p. 9
National Public Works Week takes center stage on Capitol Hill, July, p. 14
National Public Works Week Senate Resolution 475, July, p. 16
National Public Works Week House Resolution 837, July, p. 18

New APWA staff
Kathryn Dotson, May, p. 13
Jill Boland, June, p. 8
Elizabeth Kelsey, Sept, p. 13
Emily Walters, Sept, p. 13
Brian Van Norman, Oct, p. 10

North American Snow Conference
Changes abound at this year's Snow Conference, Jan, p. 8
Snow professionals heading to Peoria, Feb, p. 10
Technical Tour will "play in Peoria," March, p. 22
Technical Tour to showcase Cat facility, April, p. 20
2006 APWA North American Snow Conference Exhibitors
North American Snow Conference in Peoria, Illinois—where bigger was better!, July, p. 10

Board member dies unexpectedly, March, p. 3
Bob Goodin, Top Ten recipient, dies at 73, March, p. 6
George Rowe, former APWA President, dies at 80, Aug, p. 6
Ray Burgess, former APWA President, dies at 85, Dec, p. 12

President's Message
The pulse of our communities, Jan, p. 2
Providing a voice for clean water, Feb, p. 2
Working to make our environment a better place, March, p. 2
Smart government starts here, April, p. 2
Fixing the present, planning for the future, May, p. 2
Embracing change, June, p. 2
Mobility is us, July, p. 2
The wheels on the bus..., Aug, p. 2
APWA advocacy focuses on respecting local control in Telecom Act rewrite, Sept, p. 2
The True Strength of APWA, Oct, p. 2
Make APWA a "WOW" association, Nov, p. 2
Exceeding our grasp, Dec, p. 2

Solid Waste Management
Developing a road map of your cost of solid waste services, March, p. 44
Integrated Solid Waste Management, March, p. 46
Advances in technology alter how we now plan and operate solid waste management facilities, March, p. 48
Educating the public and elected officials on solid waste management, March, p. 50
Recycling maintains high rate in Spokane County, March, p. 52
P3 + C4 + E3 + R4 = a 20/20 foresight for a public-private partnership for solid waste solutions for Broward County, Florida, March, p. 54
Port Warwick: New Urbanism in Newport News, Virginia, March, p. 56
Improving Quality: Small-town America's cost battle for automated refuse collection, Sept, p. 32
Beneficial reuse of catch basin cleanings and street sweepings, Sept, p. 75

Technical Committee News
The role of public works in emergency management, Jan, p. 6
Spreading the word on water, Feb, p. 8
Rooting for the Trash Team, March, p. 11
Mixing it up with Facilities & Grounds, April, p. 18
Technical Committees meet in Kansas City, May, p. 8
Fulfilling your mission with Engineering and Technology, June, p. 5
Moving on down the road, July, p. 8
Fleet Services Committeealways on the move, Aug, p. 8
Location, Location, Location, Aug, p. 8
Plowing Ahead: Your Winter Maintenance Subcommittee is doing just that!, Oct, p. 9
Stirring the pot, Dec, p. 8

Beyond the gas tax, July, p. 38
Advancing transportation management and operations in the United States, July, p. 42
InfraGuide Best Practice: Selection of a Professional Consultant, July, p. 46
TEA-21 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs in the west face uncertainty after a recent court ruling, July, p. 48
Developing maintenance inspection standards for a city roadways department, July, p. 53
Traffic Calming Design Guidelines, July, p. 56
A complete remodeling of our urban fabric, July, p. 58
Finding needles in a haystack: public works and transportation research, July, p. 62
RSAs: Experiences around the country, Sept, p. 38
Integrating Context-Sensitive Solutions into your transportation program, Sept, p. 48
As the odometer turns..., Sept, p. 81

Utilities and Public Right-of-Way
Update on U.S. Access Board regulatory process for public rights-of-way, Sept, p. 59
Design Stage: An integral part in the damage prevention process, Sept, p. 62
Locating private utilities in the public right-of-way, Minnesota adopts SUE, Sept, p. 64
Michigan's Metro Act and AT&T: pipelines, telecoms and cable, Sept, p. 68
Next steps toward the adoption of new PROW standards, Sept, p. 70
Bridging the gap: Bridge maintenance and management in the new millennium, Sept, p. 72

Washington Insight
CAUTION: Changes Ahead!, Jan, p. 4
APWA takes active role in new education and outreach program, Feb, p. 4
Make that spring cleaning easier on the environment, March, p. 4
Parish President highlights successes of Katrina response, March, p. 6
APWA Transportation Committee chair speaks to congressional staff about land use and transportation, March, p. 6
APWA Board member talks interoperability with Congress, April, p. 4
Wastewater official briefs congressional staffers about wastewater infrastructure funding, April, p. 5
Perilous Times: 10 Ways to be Prepared for Disaster, May, p. 4
Public works director briefs congressional staffers about e-waste, May, p. 7
Ensuring global competitiveness from a port's perspective, June, p. 4
National panel undertakes mission to address transportation financing challenges, July, p. 4
U.S. DOT offers six-point plan to fight congestion, Aug, p. 4
Government Affairs Committee member Dore briefs congressional staffers about rural transportation needs, Aug, p. 5
Telecom Act rewrite would bring changes to local franchising, Sept, p. 6
Your secret weapon in emergency management: EMAC, Oct, p. 6
APWA encourages lawmakers to amend language in water security bill, Oct, p. 8
Board adopts APWA advocacy priorities for 2007, Nov, p. 4
Management leadership is key to the success of an environmental management system, Dec, p. 4
Public works professional briefs Congress about pandemic flu, Dec, p. 7

Water Resources
A Tale of Two Cities: An update of the NPDES Phase II program, Feb, p. 32
Management of wastewater peak flows: Metropolitan Council Environmental Services, Feb, p. 34
Racine Intergovernmental Agreement for sewer service and revenue sharing, Feb, p. 38
Distribution system water quality, Feb, p. 42
Communicating effectively during a sanitary sewer crisis, Feb, p. 44
Kansas community benefits by turning trouble into treasure, Feb, p. 48
Forest Park Linear-Connected Waterway System, Post-Dispatch Lake, and Grand Basin, Sept, p. 44
Drainage improvements for Meadowglen Drive and Falkner Road: Challenges and successes, Sept, p. 78
PRV stations provide fire protection and lower insurance rates, Sept, p. 84

Winter Maintenance
Winter Maintenance Depots 24/7: Winter maintenance in an urban environment, Oct, p. 17
Road Weather: Pavement Forecasting, Oct, p. 22
Snow removal procedures in Westminster, Oct, p. 26
Never underestimate the power of PR!, Oct, p. 30