"We are looking for information on what the national Technical Committees are doing but don't know where to look. Can you help?"

Glad you asked. There are numerous places to find this information and great resources from among the many members of the nine subject-specific committees. The first place to look is on the website at; then scroll on the left side of that page to the heading "Technical Committees." Each of the nine committees has their own page and each one is filled with information. You will find access to: committee rosters, complete with contact information so you can contact any member and ask for their assistance; meeting summaries from each month's conference call to help you know what topics are important at the national level; the annual Business Plan for the committee; position statements pertinent to the subject area; and many other topics which may be pertinent to the individual group.

One of the newest additions is the link to the PowerPoint presentation prepared by the committee for your use at the chapter level. You can easily use this material for a chapter or branch program to acquaint your members with the overall interest and topics of the group. Make use of the information. Contact the committee members to ask for their input. Check with your Chapter Delegate or Regional Director for the quarterly listing of accomplishments of each committee. All of this information is available for your review and use. The committee members have tried to find every method possible to give you information and have exhausted their ideas. If you have a new idea, please contact me and I'll share it with the committees.

"I understand there are some pretty innovative ideas around for utilizing post-closure landfill sites. I've heard about the golf courses, parks, sports fields, and such. Anything new on the horizon?"

Funny you should ask! I just returned from the Accreditation Site Visit to the Transportation, General Services, Environmental Services, and Water Departments in the City of Tucson, AZ. This is a terrific agency and they just became our 32nd accredited agency. Nancy Petersen, Environmental Services Director, shared several great ideas with the Site Visit Team. One involves the use of recycled crushed glass in stabilizing their berms. Another is the long-range plan they have in place for their landfill when it is closed. Contact Nancy at

"We are planning our Chapter Annual Meeting and would like to have a speaker come to make a presentation on the Core Competencies for Public Works Leaders and/or Managers. Does APWA have a Speakers Bureau with people available to make these presentations?"

Not really. But we do have access to those folks who have helped to conduct the survey, compile the results, and write the many articles on the topics and we'd be happy to share their contact information with you. You could also access that information at the Leadership and Management Technical Committee page. If you want someone from your area or nearby, let me know and I'll help you find someone.

"Any ideas what we can do with the hundreds of dead deer that we move from our roads every year? It gets to be pretty expensive to send them to the landfill."

Yep. Heard a new one last week. Seems the Montana Department of Transportation is composting their roadkill. You heard me right. They have been hauling the dead deer they remove from the streets for the last year and have sent more than 500 deer found along state highways in the Bitterroot Valley to a composting facility, rather than spending about $135 to dispose of the body in the landfill or hauling them to a natural area where they could decompose. Makes good sense, if you think about it. We encourage our residents to use their food scraps to create compost for crops. This "circle-of-life" idea can be even bigger by adding the dead deer. Officials in Montana are hoping to expand the method to other areas of their state and to begin using compost for highway revegetation projects. You might contact one of our members at the Montana DOT for more information.

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