APWA Book Review

Good until the Last Drop: A Practitioner's Guide to Water Reuse
96 pp * 2005 * APWA

Only a fortunate few have the luxury of plentiful supplies of unused, potable water. Growing populations, especially in semi-arid areas, require careful use of available fresh water resources and thoughtful consideration for reusing treated wastewater.

Most wastewater is treated to a high quality and discharged to surface waters. More recently, utilities are recognizing the value of treated wastewater as a water resource to augment or replace fresh water supplies. This book is for the public utility/publics works professional, to provide an understanding of the important considerations needed to capture the greatest value from the recycled water resource. The questions this book raises, and provides guidance to help resolve, are many.

What drives the interest in water reuse? Is there a need for more water supplies? Who owns the wastewater? How will the reuse operation be managed? Would the established water or wastewater utility management organization be expected to manage the reuse utility, or would a separate group be formed? What skill needs and organization structure would be best suited to manage water reuse?

This book addresses these and many other questions and presents case studies of utilities and communities that have worked with and resolved these issues in different ways. Chapters include:

  • Chapter 1: Determining Feasibility
  • Chapter 2: Legal Issues in Reuse
  • Chapter 3: Water Quality Considerations
  • Chapter 4: Uses, Customers and Demand Forecasting
  • Chapter 5: Public Involvement
  • Chapter 6: Infrastructure Requirements
  • Chapter 7: Project Delivery Methods
  • Chapter 8: Utility Management and Structure
  • Chapter 9: Financial Issues
  • Chapter 10: Case Studies

The authors hope the material presented in this book will help utility managers and public officials understand the issues associated with water reuse, to better plan the water resource future for their customers.

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