When it rains, it pours...awards, that is

R. Kevin Clark
Editor, APWA Reporter

Pardon us for shouting from the rooftops, tooting our own horns, and just generally making obnoxious fools out of ourselves as we bask in our glory. But it's not every day that our magazine wins an award, much less three of them.

Winner in the "Digital Imagery" category

Fact is, after a dry spell of four years (when we received the 2001 APEX Award of Excellence for our September 2000 issue), the APWA Reporter has received three awards in 2005. Trade, Association and Business Publications International (whose awards are called "Tabbies") honored us with an Honorable Mention Award in the Digital Imagery category for our front cover of the June 2004 issue. There were close to 700 editorial and design entries from around the globe, so we feel this is quite an honor. To see APWA's listing on TABPI's website, just go to http://www.tabpi.org/2005/2005d.htm.

Winner in the "Best Overall Editorial" category

We also received two of Publications Management's Magnum Opus Awards, an awards program dedicated exclusively to corporate and custom publishing. We received an Honorable Mention in the "Best Overall Editorial" category for our first-ever "Leadership and Management" issue (December 2004). Much credit goes to APWA's Leadership and Management Committee for their excellent contributions to that issue. If you'd like to take a look at the articles and don't have a December issue handy, just go to this link: /Publications/Reporter/ReporterOnline/index.asp?DISPLAY=ARTICLES&ISSUE_DATE=122004.

The other award we received from Publications Management is an Honorable Mention in the "Best Feature Article" category for APWA member John Lawlor's excellent story on developing public works in Iraq from the August 2004 issue. You can read his article here: /Publications/Reporter/ReporterOnline/index.asp?DISPLAY=ISSUE&ISSUE_DATE=082004&ARTICLE_NUMBER=861. (Incidentally, John Lawlor, Public Works Director, City of Waterbury, CT, will be one of the presenters at an educational session at the 2005 APWA Congress; the session is entitled "Rebuilding Iraq" and takes place on Monday, September 12, at 10:00 a.m.)

The judges of the Magnum Opus Awards include professors from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, so these awards have a little extra meaning for me as an MU grad. To see APWA's listing among the award recipients, just click on http://www.magnumopusawards.com/award/2005Winners.pdf and scroll down to the Honorable Mention winners.

Credit for the Tabbie and Magnum Opus Awards goes to former APWA staffer Sarah Ellis for her superb design skills; Harmony Printing & Development Co. (Liberty, MO) for their excellent work in printing the APWA Reporter; our advertising reps, Jay Lewin and Jerry Goldstein, for their terrific efforts in bringing in the display ads for the magazine; and our staff and contributing authors who continue to do their best in covering all facets of public works for our members.