Candidates for the 2005-2006 APWA Board of Directors named

Six nominees are slated for election to the 2005-2006 APWA Board of Directors. Three candidates selected by the National Nominating Committee include William A. Verkest, P.E., Municipal Program Manager, HDR Engineering, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, for President-Elect; Larry W. Frevert, P.E., Assistant Engineering Director for Planning, Design and Construction, Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department, for Director-At-Large, Facilities and Fleet Services; and John Okamoto, Chief Administrative Officer, Port of Seattle, Washington, for Director-At-Large, Transportation.

Three candidates nominated by regional committees as directors include: Jean-Guy Courtemanche, Designer, Lumec, Inc., Boisbriand, Quebec, for Director, Region I; Noel C. Thompson, Executive Administrator, Metro Louisville Public Works, City of Louisville, Kentucky (retired), for Director, Region III; and R. LeRoy Givens, P.E., Civil Engineer, Bohannan Huston, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico, for Director, Region VII.

This year's National Nominating Committee was comprised of the chair, Immediate Past President Dwayne E. Kalynchuk, P.Eng., Engineering Manager, Walton International Group Inc., Edmonton, Alberta; John L. Benda, Manager of Maintenance and Traffic, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, Downers Grove, Illinois; Claudette L. Campbell, Executive Director, Utilities Protection Center, Duluth, Georgia; Past President Martin J. Manning, P.E., Public Works Director, Clark County, Nevada; Past President Richard L. Ridings, P.E., Vice President-Central Division, HNTB Corporation, Austin, Texas; Larry Stevens, Statewide Urban Designs and Specifications (SUDAS) Director, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa; and Richard F. Stinson, Director of Public Works, Town of Wakefield, Massachusetts. The three regional nominating committees were comprised of the APWA House of Delegates members (or alternates) from each chapter in the regions.

William A. Verkest, P.E.

A member of APWA for 37 years, William A. Verkest, P.E., has a multifaceted combination of service in the broad public works field, including civil engineering and management in the U.S. Air Force, public works agencies, and the private sector. His Texas Chapter activities include being a Chapter Delegate and President of the North Central Texas Branch. He has served at the national level as Director, Region VII (1999-Present), Chair, Finance Committee/APWA Treasurer (2004-Present) and Finance Committee member (2002-04), Chair, Membership Committee (2001-02), and member of the Congress Planning Committee (1995), Urban Forum (1995-2000), and Public Works Historical Society. Verkest is completing his second term as Director of Region VII.

Larry Frevert, P.E.
Facilities and Fleet Services

Larry Frevert has worked in the public works field for 35 years, most of which have involved state and city government. He provides administrative management and oversight to the Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department's Facilities and Grounds Division in addition to planning, design and construction projects. Frevert is a Past President of the Kansas City Metro Chapter, served as the chapter's Alternate Delegate, and was the Vice General Chairman of the 2002 Congress host committee and General Chairman of the 1997 North American Snow Conference host committee. He has served at the national level as Chair, Engineering and Technology Committee (2001-02), member of the Finance Committee (2001-02 and 2004-05) and Chair, Congress Site Selection Committee (1998-2001). Frevert is completing his first term as Director-At-Large, Facilities and Fleet Services.

John Okamoto

The Transportation Director-At-Large nominee, John Okamoto, has a track record of over 25 years in leadership positions at the local, special purpose district, and state levels. He has been involved with all modes of transportation including roads, bridges, highways, freight and passenger rail, public transit, ferries, alternative transportation, and most recently aviation and marine. Previous to the Port of Seattle, he served as Assistant Secretary for the Washington State Department of Transportation and Director of the City of Seattle Engineering Department. Okamoto is currently serving on the Government Affairs Committee and the TEA-21 Task Force. He has also been a member of the Transportation Committee (1999-2001), APWA/FHWA Task Force (1999-2000) and the Urban Forum (1995-97).

Jean-Guy Courtemanche
Region I

The nominee for Director of Region I, Jean-Guy Courtemanche, is a designer with Lumec, Inc., a recognized leader in outdoor decorative lighting with headquarters offices in Boisbriand, Quebec. In addition, he and his son, Sylvain, are the owners of The Courtemanche Group Inc., which sells products for Kalitec Signalisation Inc. Courtemanche has been very active in APWA and CPWA (Canadian Public Works Association) activities for a number of years. He is currently on the CPWA Board of Directors and has been a Board member since 2001. He is also the Quebec Chapter's immediate Past President and has been the Chapter Delegate since 1996. Courtemanche has been a member of the International Affairs Committee (1998-2000) and was the Snow Conference Committee Chair when the conference was held in Quebec City in 2003. He will begin his first term as Director, Region I, if elected.

Noel Thompson
Region III

Noel Thompson has had a 30-year career in public service, 22 in public works with the City of Louisville Public Works Department and its successor agency, Metro Louisville Public Works, from which he retired in May 2003 as Executive Administrator. He is currently serving as the Interim Executive Director of Kentucky Dig Safely based in Louisville. Prior to his tenure in public works, he was the Executive Assistant Director of the Louisville & Jefferson County Metropolitan Parks and Recreation Board. Thompson has held all of the elective officer positions of the Kentucky Chapter and its Central Branch. He has also been active on the national scene, co-chairing the Congress Host Committee (2000-01), chairing the Congress Program Review Committee (2001-02), as a member of the International Affairs Committee (2002-04), and as the Chapter Delegate (2000-04). He is completing his first term as Director, Region III.

R. LeRoy Givens, P.E., Director, Region VII
For the last 42 years LeRoy Givens has been regularly involved in the designs and construction administration for well over $1 billion worth of public works projects including streets, major highways, wastewater collection, interceptors and treatment facilities, water distribution and major water transmission facilities. He is a registered Professional Engineer in 12 states including those states in Region VII. As a member of the New Mexico Chapter, Givens was appointed as Membership Chairman in 1985 and proceeded through the chairs of the chapter including Chapter Delegate from 1998-2002. At the national level, he has been a member and recently the chair of the Public Works Projects of the Year Committee. Since 1999 and as a representative of APWA, he has served as a proctor for the region and state MathCOUNTS competitions. He will begin his first term as Director, Region VII, if elected.

Your vote in APWA DOES count

As an APWA member, you will have the opportunity to vote on two separate ballot issues between July 23 and August 22, 2005:

  • Election of the APWA President-Elect; two At-Large Directors (in the functional areas of Transportation and Facilities and Fleet Services); and Regions I, III, and VII Regional Directors (for members in those respective regions).
  • Revision to the APWA Bylaws to add Student Membership to the APWA membership categories.

The ballot will be available for online voting between July 23 and August 22 on the "Members Only" section of the APWA website. There will also be a voting icon on the home page of our website. If you do not have access to a computer at home or work, you should be able to access the APWA website online at your local public library. You may request a paper ballot from Kaye Sullivan at (800) 848-APWA if you cannot vote online. Additional reminders of the voting process will be sent through the infoNOW Communities; through an e-mail to every member for whom we have an e-mail address; and in the August issue of the APWA Reporter.

If you have questions, please contact Kaye Sullivan, APWA Deputy Executive Director, at or (800) 848-APWA (2792).