Waterville Public Works Department hosts annual Open House

Jodi Szydlowski
Executive Secretary
Public Works Department
Village of Waterville, Ohio

The Village of Waterville, Ohio residents enjoyed the ninth annual Open House presented by the Public Works Department on May 20, 2004, as a part of its National Public Works Week celebration. Visitors to the Open House could enjoy lunch or dinner, which included barbecue pork, hot dogs, potato salad and chips.

Third-grade students step into an end loader during the Village of Waterville's Open House.

Public Works Director Ken Blair and his staff were on hand to demonstrate what the department does and the machines they use to do their work. On display were the sewer camera and truck, street sweeper, backhoes, dump trucks, mowing equipment, Bobcat utility vehicle and the new end loader.

Waterville third-grade students attended the Open House to have lunch and see a demonstration of what happens when they flush the toilets in their homes; this demonstration is always a favorite!

The Waterville Fire and Police Departments also had their vehicles on display including the new Harley-Davidson motorcycle currently on police patrol. The firefighters also demonstrated their fire apparatus and equipment. St. Luke's Hospital was also onsite conducting free blood pressure testing, and Adelphia and Buckeye CableSystems were on hand to talk to the residents. The Toledo Area Sanitary District had one of their mosquito control trucks on display and also distributed preventive information on the West Nile virus.


Lunchtime during the Open House festivities.

The Public Works and Fire Departments, along with the Waterville Gas Company, held a free raffle for a decorative tree, flags, plants, smoke alarms, and artwork by George Carruth.

The new council chairman of the Public Works Committee, Joe Beckler, said the department is "very fiscally responsible" and saves the taxpayers money while continuing to give the residents of Waterville excellent service.

The Public Works Department will be hosting their tenth annual Open House this year on Thursday, May 19, with many new participants and displays for all to enjoy.

Jodi Szydlowski can be reached at Jodi@waterville.org.

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