Index to 2005 articles

Listed in this index are all articles published in the 12 issues of the APWA Reporter during 2005. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order. All of the articles can be found on the APWA Reporter website at

Annual Buyer's Guide
Annual Buyer's Guide, April, p. 72
Alphabetical listing, April, p. 72
Categorical listing, April, p. 86

APWA Book Review
The Disaster Recovery Handbook, Jan, p. 25
Emergency Power Source Planning for Water and Wastewater, Feb, p. 33
Design of Landfills and Integrated Solid Waste Management (3rd Ed.), March, p. 29
The American City: What Works, What Doesn't (2nd Edition), April, p. 38
Everything You Need to Know to Be a Public Works Director, May, p. 16
ADA & Accessibility: Let's Get Practical (2nd Ed.), June, p. 18
Demonstrating the Value of Your Fleet Management Program, Sept, p. 13
Urban Snow & Ice Control, Oct, p. 15
Writing Your Emergency/Disaster Plan, Nov, p. 11
Careers in Public Works, Nov, p. 11
Urban Snow & Ice Control, Nov, p. 11
Survive and Thrive: Five Things a Public Servant Needs to Understand, Nov, p. 11
Public Works Management - Things They Never Taught in School, Nov, p. 11
Good until the Last Drop: A Practitioner's Guide to Water Reuse, Nov, p. 12
Essay #24 Scene by the Engineer: Remarkable Prints from the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, Nov, p. 12
Scene by the Engineer: Remarkable Prints from the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, Dec, p. 14

Ask Ann
Jan, p. 54
Feb, p. 52
March, p. 54
April, p. 96
May, p. 28
June, p. 46
July, p. 61
Aug, p. 36
Sept, p. 86
Oct, p. 36
Nov, p. 36
Dec, p. 30

Fields receives CESA award, Jan, p. 5
Garcia receives ICMA award, Jan, p. 36
The 2005 Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year, May, p. 18
2005 Public Works Projects of the Year, July, p. 47
Lambert wins award, Aug, p. 16
When it rains, it pours...awards, that is, Sept, p. 14
Honoring its own, Nov, p. 29
APWA honors Minnesota congressman for distinguished service, Dec, p. 3

Baker's Dozen, The
An effective public works leader...
...delegates, Jan, p. 32

Baker's Menu, The
An effective public works manager...
...resolves conflict, March, p. 32
...encourages team building, April, p. 40
...builds trust/respect, May, p. 24
...involves others, June, p. 20
...manages time, July, p. 28
...possesses oral and written skills, Aug, p. 18
...sets realistic goals, Sept, p. 18
...develops staff, Oct, p. 16 flexible, Nov, p. 16
...prioritizes, Dec, p. 16

Congress 2005
So, you want to host a Congress?, Jan, p. 15
Congress Reflections, June, p. 10
APWA Congress: Go for the Education. Stay for the Celebration!, July, p. 16
The Land of 10,000 Lakes and 10,000 Answers, Aug, p. 10
Four options to attend Congress, Sept, p. 26
Don't miss these at Congress!, Sept, p. 27
One-day passes available for Congress, Sept, p. 28
Map of exhibit hall, Sept, p. 29
Exhibitor listing (as of 8/10/05), Sept, p. 30
And a good time was had by all, Nov, p. 21
Honoring its own, Nov, p. 29
Kansas City to host 2006 Congress, Dec, p. 6
A woman's place is...wherever she wants to be, Dec, p. 8

Road map to an effective diversity action plan, Jan, p. 18
Obtaining international specialty workers for your organization, Feb, p. 22
Generational Workers = Higher Performance, March, p. 28
Community partnerships offer great potential for public works, April, p. 34
How diversity benefits municipalities, May, p. 10
Diversity and legal implications, June, p. 14
Civics 101: A Citizens Academy, July, p. 22
Diversity Committee sees positive results, prepares for new challenges, Sept, p. 12
Women rising in the public works field, Oct, p. 11
APWA: Diversity remains "of the utmost importance in ensuring growth and vitality," Nov, p. 5

Emergency Management
Leadership lessons I learned from Charley, Frances and Ivan, Jan, p. 8
The impact of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 on the public works community, Jan, p. 38
President recognizes the important role of public works as a first responder, Jan, p. 40
Important steps for NIMS compliance, Jan, p. 42
An introduction to NFPA 1600 for public works organizations, Jan, p. 44
The challenge of homeland security: Making certain we are prepared, Jan, p. 46
Is your agency prepared to continue providing essential operations in the event of an emergency?, Jan, p. 48
Operational Security: Reflections from an all-hazards perspective, Jan, p. 50
Next steps: Public works and homeland security, Jan, p. 52
APWA joins DHS to announce completion of National Response Plan, Feb, p. 6

Engineering and Technology
Investment in multiple capture shafts pays off, June, p. 26
A virtual stroll in the park, June, p. 28
Adapting an infrastructure management system to meet your agency's needs, June, p. 30
Ford Allen Park Clay Mine Landfill - Fairlane Green Redevelopment, June, p. 32
MDOT single-point interchange in Novi, Michigan, June, p. 36
Firestorm!, June, p. 38
Billerica, Massachusetts streamlines asset management with GIS technology, June, p. 42
Digital road inventory spurs Travis County five-year road plan, Sept, p. 74

Facilities and Grounds
The APWA/PGMS Certified Grounds Manager Program, April, p. 46
The role of public works in the urban forest, April, p. 48
Cleaning up Milwaukee's "Dirty Dozen," April, p. 50
Historic "Old Sacramento" accessibility project, April, p. 52
The public right-of-way isn't always right, April, p. 54
California Multi-Agency CIP Benchmarking Study, April, p. 56
Transforming a historic caterpillar into a "Class A" butterfly, April, p. 58
Why hire a certified arborist?, April, p. 60
Grounds for success, April, p. 64
Garden in the air, April, p. 67
City of Troy boards up, April, p. 71

APWA developing Public Fleet Manager Certification Program, Aug, p. 24
Planning and designing a fleet facility, Aug, p. 26
Fuel and fleet: How they are a-changin', Aug, p. 28
Making the job easier, Aug, p. 32
If you organize it, they will come, Aug, p. 34

USDA Forest Service and International Society of Arboriculture Community Scholarships, June, p. 21
The Municipal Forester Institute: An opportunity for professional growth, Sept, p. 8
Break out of the Time Warp, Sept, p. 35
Managing sidewalk maintenance in the 21st Century, Sept, p. 36
The Tipping Point? Trip Summary on the International Scan on Transportation Asset Management, Sept, p. 38
Making public participation work for your project, Sept, p. 40
Using visualization to sharpen the vision of public works, Sept, p. 41
Creative financing and fleet rotation, Sept, p. 46
Is it a water tank or an antenna?, Sept, p. 50
CSI: Engineers, Sept, p. 70
Iowans reap savings through statewide urban design standards and specifications, Sept, p. 72
Is train horn noise a problem in your town?, Sept, p. 76
Identifying and managing indoor air quality issues, Sept, p. 80
A new generation of workers requires a fresh look at benefit programs, Sept, p. 82
In San Diego world-class means saving a little bird, Sept, p. 84

Inside APWA
2005 Editorial Calendar, Jan, p. 5
Wisconsin celebrates 50th, Jan, p. 7
Index to 2004 articles, Jan, p. 26
Call for nominations to APWA Board issued, Feb, p. 8
Macy elected to Common Ground Alliance Board, Feb, p. 20
The road to leadership winds through our chapters, March, p. 10
People to People public works program in China, April, p. 3
Rock Solid and Reserve Goal Met: APWA Financials for 2004, April, p. 6
APWA Board of Directors, April, p. 8
Meet the APWA staff, April, p. 9
ASCE-APWA Town Hall Meetings focus on infrastructure needs, April, p. 26
Urban Forum: APWA resources for your big city, April, p. 30
Army Corps of Engineers' Strock urges closer partnership at Spring Urban Forum Meeting, June, p. 5
Bernstein named Fellow Member by NSPE, June, p. 11
Ballot Issue: Student Membership, June, p. 15
Candidates for the 2005-2006 APWA Board of Directors named, July, p. 8
Ballot Issue: Student Membership, July, p. 17
Record turnout for Newfoundland Chapter annual meeting, July, p. 62
Ballot Issue: Student Membership, Aug, p. 9
Your vote in APWA DOES count, Aug, p. 11
'05 Drive for Twenty-Seven Five Winners!, Sept, p. 7
Providing training opportunities at the chapter level, Sept, p. 8
Chapter Membership Achievement Award winners announced, Sept, p. 9
Children to discover the world of public works with new K-5 public works curriculum, Sept, p. 10
President Freudenthal testifies before Congress, Nov, p. 3
Anything worth doing..., Nov, p. 6
Bylaws change approved; association implements Student Membership Type, Nov, p. 10

International Idea Exchange
Taking the whole team with you on the asset management journey, Jan, p. 34
CZPWA and SPWA Spring Conferences, Jan, p. 36
Recycling system in the European Union and Czech Republic, Feb, p. 34
Slovak and Czech Republics' Spring Conferences, Feb, p. 36
"Have you tried yesterday's flight?", March, p. 34
International Infrastructure and Public Services Congress and Exhibition, March, p. 37
Help grow APWA's international programs, March, p. 37
Best Value and Balanced Scorecards in an unbalanced world, April, p. 42
International Infrastructure and Public Services Congress and Exhibition, April, p. 44
2005 Jennings Randolph Fellowship Recipients Named, April, p. 44
International Infrastructure Management Summit, New Zealand, October 2005, April, p. 45
International Infrastructure and Public Services Congress and Exhibition, May, p. 15
Slovak and Czech Republics Spring Conferences, June, p. 22
International Infrastructure and Public Services Congress and Exhibition, June, p. 23
International Infrastructure Management Summit, New Zealand, October 2005, June, p. 24
Lessons for New Zealand from the Indian Ocean tsunami, July, p. 30
Rising from the rubble, July, p. 31
Engineers as Leaders, Aug, p. 20
International Affairs Committee year in review, Sept, p. 22
APWA delegation attends International Infrastructure and Public Works Congress in Aguascalientes, Mexico, Sept, p. 23
Call for applicants for 2006 Jennings Randolph International Fellowship Program, Sept, p. 24
India: Infrastructure dilemma and the strength of the human spirit, Oct, p. 18
Tsunami: South Asia, Nov, p. 18
Minneapolis memories, Dec, p. 18

Leadership and Management
Leadership/Management: Is there a difference?, Feb, p. 24
Elements of an operations manual, March, p. 52
Exercise your leadership potential, Dec, p. 20
Leadership Competencies: A summary of the "Baker's Dozen" series, Dec, p. 22
Leader-Manager: Is there a difference?, Dec, p. 24
Strategic planning in a public works sector: Linking it all together, Dec, p. 27

Member Profile
Compelled to give back: John Ostrowski, Jan, p. 22
You can move mountains: Brenda Herrman, Feb, p. 30
A lifelong process: Tim Haynes, March, p. 30
A winning combination: Wayne Tanda, April, p. 36
The icing on the cake: Lowell Patterson, May, p. 14
From the academic world to the real world: Dr. Neil S. Grigg, June, p. 16
An outlet for my passion: Cora Jackson-Fossett, July, p. 24
Focused on the big picture: Jimmy B. Foster, Aug, p. 14
Better able to serve the public: Missy Smith Gentry, Sept, p. 16
The ones that make the difference: John M. Heinz, Oct, p. 12
A road map to life: Malcolm Lewis, Nov, p. 8
A welcoming environment: Richard Person, Dec, p. 12

National Public Works Week
Fresno's two-pronged celebration of National Public Works Week, Feb, p. 18
Region of Peel's NPWW celebrations focus on community and staff, March, p. 20
Waterville Public Works Department hosts annual Open House, April, p. 27
National Public Works Week in California, May, p. 8
P.W. Paws goes to Washington, July, p. 12

New APWA staff
Carrie Merker, Feb, p. 9
Melissa Barnette, May, p. 11
Colene Carter, Sept, p. 5
Julie Smith, Sept, p. 5
Julia Anastasio, Nov, p. 14
Andrea Harts, Nov, p. 14
Daniel Jensen, Nov, p. 15
Pam Potthast, Nov, p. 15
Becky Wickstrom, Nov, p. 15
Emily Lovald, Dec, p. 15
Courtney Thompson, Dec, p. 15

North American Snow Conference
Snow Conference coming to Kansas City, Feb, p. 12
KC Scout: Getting you there, March, p. 12
Award-winning facility awaits Snow Conference attendees, March, p. 18
Members weigh in on the Snow Conference, April, p. 20
2005 APWA North American Snow Conference Exhibitors (as of March 16, 2005), April, p. 22
Snow Conference memorable for all, June, p. 8

James E. McCarty, former APWA President, dies at 82, March, p. 6

President's Message
Keeping one eye on security issues, Jan, p. 2
Water Resources: No longer taken for granted, Feb, p. 2
Did someone say "Let it snow"?, March, p. 2
Team APWA working for you, April, p. 2
Top Ten a great honor, May, p. 2
Continuing education a serious business, June, p. 2
Your investment in excellence, July, p. 4
Team your service, Aug, p. 4
Thank you for a wonderful experience, Sept, p. 2
We can make a difference, Oct, p. 2
Communication, cooperation and commitment, Nov, p. 2
Make a commitment, Dec, p. 2

Solid Waste Management
Evolution of municipal household hazardous waste collection programs, March, p. 38
Enhancing maintenance for environmental beautification, March, p. 43
Contract options for solid waste management service, March, p. 44
Managing the waste stream: a cooperative effort, March, p. 46
"Municipalizing" contracted solid waste and recycling services, March, p. 48
Automation in solid waste: Technology worth picking up, March, p. 50
Turning trash to cash: The green waste recycling story, Sept, p. 44

Technical Committee News
What have we done for you lately?, Jan, p. 6
Water Resources Committee again serves, Feb, p. 10
Solid Waste Management Committee: Sharing their knowledge, assisting our members, March, p. 8
What's up with Facilities and Grounds, April, p. 24
Engineering and Technology Committee a resource for chapters and communities, June, p. 6
Trucks, transit, automobiles: If it has wheels, or needs pavement, Transportation is the group, July, p. 10
Fleet Services and Emergency Management Committees team up for Pre-Congress Workshop, Aug, p. 8
Utilities and Public Right-of-Way...the Right Way, Sept, p. 6
There's no business like snow business!, Oct, p. 10
What's black, white, and read all over, Dec, p. 10

The National Transportation Operations Coalition, July, p. 36
InfraGuide: A network of best-practice solutions, July, p. 38
The importance of sign retroreflectivity, July, p. 41
APWA and the AASHTO Green Book, July, p. 42
America: On the road to ruin?, July, p. 43

Utilities and Public Right-of-Way
Hardscape installations for homeland security, Sept, p. 56
Correlating soil compaction measuring devices to soil densities and moisture conditions, Sept, p. 58
Keyhole Technology: Utility Microsurgery, Sept, p. 60
Fiber to the Premises and right-of-way management, Sept, p. 63
Predesign and preconstruction meetings: A necessary step in damage prevention, Sept, p. 64
Do the right thing in the public right-of-way, Sept, p. 66

Washington Insight
Reaping the rewards of advocacy, Jan, p. 4
Changing federal scene may affect national water and wastewater issues in 2005, Feb, p. 4
Congress likely to work on solid waste issues during the 109th Congress, March, p. 4
APWA leaders take TEA-21 reauthorization advocacy to Washington, April, p. 4
President-Elect Freudenthal tells Congress: "Local communities should not be held responsible for MTBE cleanup," April, p. 5
If you build it, they will come..., May, p. 4
APWA President Trice says failing infrastructure grade due to inadequate investment, May, p. 5
APWA UPROW Chair briefs congressional staff on managing local rights-of-way, May, p. 6
APWA Small Cities/Rural Communities Forum member explains impact of proposed budget cuts on rural infrastructure, May, p. 7
Traffic signal operations earn D-, June, p. 4
Government Affairs Committee members advocate for public works in D.C., June, p. 5
The race to bring transportation reauthorization to the finish line, July, p. 6
DHS: The Soap Opera, Aug, p. 6
APWA Priority: Protect ROW management authority in potential Telecom Act rewrite, Sept, p. 4
SAFETEA-LU provides record investment in state, local transportation programs, Oct, p. 6
APWA members attend signing of transportation bill, Oct, p. 8
Board adopts APWA advocacy priorities for 2006, Nov, p. 4
Four Pillars framework, Dec, p. 4

Water Resources
Low Impact Development: Moving towards economically sound environmental asset management, Feb, p. 38
Developing Standard Operating Procedures for a water and sewer department, Feb, p. 40
What type of rate study does my community need?, Feb, p. 42
Chaparral Water Treatment Plant: Good taste will prevail in Scottsdale, Feb, p. 44
Challenges in designing and implementing a comprehensive work management system, Feb, p. 46
Restoring Fee Fee Creek, Feb, p. 48
Is your floodplain manager certified?, Feb, p. 51
A successful operation: EMS implementation in Eugene, Oregon, March, p. 24
Rain Gardens: Strategic puddles for stormwater management, Sept, p. 53

Winter Maintenance
Pinpointing your environmental weak spots, Oct, p. 22
Blending liquid deicing chemicals precisely, Oct, p. 24
Getting the most out of radar in winter, Oct, p. 26
Is it warm enough to plow snow yet?, Oct, p. 28
Beating the winter parking blues, Oct, p. 30
McHenry County implements GIS technology to enhance snowplow application, Oct, p. 32