APWA Book Review

Fleet publications available from APWA
In lieu of our standard review on a single fleet publication, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you information on all publications and resources available from APWA on management issues, operations, and maintenance of public sector vehicle and equipment fleets. APWA strives to provide fleet professionals with the latest and most up-to-date information related to the fleet industry.

Top Ten Performance Measures for Fleet Managers
44 pp * 2002 * APWA
Developing program and tracking performance measures helps fleet managers demonstrate the value of their departments to the communities they serve. This book outlines the top ten most common and most critical to a fleet manager's success.

Knowing Your Costs: Maintaining a Competitive Edge in Fleet Management
2001 * APWA * Video * CD-ROM
This four-hour video program will expand your knowledge in financial, equipment, and shop management skills. Improve your fleet operation's cost efficiency and service delivery with fleet management expert William DeRousse.

Areas covered in the course are:

  • Operating costs and budgets
  • Parts and fuel management
  • Equipment replacement and cost per mile
  • Maintenance-staffing, service, repair, shop design, equipment purchasing, and disposal
  • Warranty management
  • Safety and accident cost
  • Environmental management
  • Maintenance management policies-benchmarking

Training Package Features:

  • 4 Videotapes
  • Presentation materials on CD-ROM

Managing Public Equipment
165 pp * 2000 * APWA * Michael T. Joyner
Today's equipment environment demands more creativity and ingenuity than ever before. This comprehensive manual is designed to help equipment managers find innovative ways to keep equipment up and running while keeping within capital budgets.

Vehicle Replacement Guide
30 pp * 2001 * APWA
This booklet is designed to provide public managers at all levels with the basic guidelines to determine when and how to replace vital equipment. It will help you establish an effective program and determine replacement criteria; develop budgets; select units to be replaced and determine optimum disposal methods.

Spec Writing 101: A Quick Guide to Purchasing Public Works Vehicles and Equipment
34 pp * 2001 * APWA
Purchasing vehicles and equipment is a time-consuming activity for any agency. This booklet provides an overview of the process from determining the need through the end result of placing the new unit into service. Learn how to do the research, write the specifications and conduct a bid process!

Constructing Fleet Charge-Back Rates in Public Works
2002 * APWA * CD-ROM
Learn the benefits and methods of effective charge-back rate systems. Find out which costs can be recovered, services that can be sold, how to allocate costs and determine billable units-of-service, and most importantly, how to calculate charge-back rates!

APWA Equipment Code
48 pp * 2000 * APWA
This modular, ten-digit, alphanumeric system allows you to identify particular characteristics of vehicles, include additional types of equipment, accommodate future vehicle and equipment industry developments, and improve data handling and analysis capabilities. APWA's equipment code is a MUST for every public or private fleet/equipment manager.

Shop Rate Guide
32 pp * 1998 * APWA
This resource guide provides a step-by-step approach for developing shop rate schedules tailored for public works fleet services. You will find clear examples for capturing expenses; sample calculations for developing reimbursement rates; and recommended options for revenue practices.

New! What to Ask, How to Answer: Getting Real About Your Public Works Fleet
CD-ROM * 2004 * APWA
Your fleet operation's effectiveness significantly impacts the quality of municipal services. Rapid changes in technology, budget and personnel issues are hot buttons for every fleet operation. Find out how to establish clear benchmarks and bring stabilization to your fleet operation. Give it the tools it needs to be successful down the road. This two-hour program will arm you with the right QUESTIONS and the right ANSWERS!

Coming, Fall 2004
Demonstrating the Value of Your Fleet Management Program
2004 * APWA
As a fleet manager you know the important role your department plays in the success of other departments, but can you make your case at budget time? Use this book to learn about the attitudes and strategies common to all successful businesses, and use the sample business plan and service level agreements to demonstrate the value of your fleet management program.

For more information on purchasing these publications and other American Public Works Association books, please visit the APWA Bookstore online at www.apwa.net/bookstore or call the Member Services Hotline at (800) 848-APWA, ext. 3560.