Meet the APWA staff

The following photos and statements of responsibilities are designed to assist members in knowing whom to go to for specific information. Members are encouraged to call the staff members whenever they have a question or need assistance.

The toll-free office number in Kansas City is (800) 848-APWA. The Washington, D.C. office number is (202) 408-9541.


Peter B. King
(202) 408-9541, ext. 3009
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3525

Executive Director
* Chief executive officer
* External relations
* Public policy

Peter is the chief executive officer of APWA responsible for executing the Board's actions and directing member programs and services in accordance with the APWA Strategic Plan. He serves as chief liaison with other professional associations and governmental agencies, and works from offices in Washington, D.C. and Kansas City, MO.

Kaye Sullivan
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3523

Deputy Executive Director/COO
* Association operations
* Governance
* Supervision of KC office

Kaye serves as the chief operating officer of the association and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Kansas City office. She also manages the appointments and elections processes and staffs the APWA Board of Directors, Finance Committee, National and Regional Nominating Committees, House of Delegates, International Affairs Committee, Diversity Committee, and various task forces.

Nickole Johnson
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3524

Executive/Communications Coordinator
* Executive Services
* APWA Reporter advertising liaison

Nickole works with the executive staff and communication aspects of the APWA Board of Directors, and various technical and board committees. She maintains the association and APWA Reporter calendars, handles APWA Reporter and website classified ads, and serves as advertising liaison.


Teri Newhouse
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3516

Director of Finance/Controller
* Budget preparation and financial reporting
* Audit and tax issues for national and chapters
* Treasury management (banking and investments)
* Federal grants financial management
* Risk management for national and chapters

Teri is responsible for the financial, budget, and treasury management functions for APWA. She coordinates the budget process; disseminates financial information to APWA staff, board members, and chapters; performs risk management services for the association; and assists chapters with finance-related issues and chapter contracts. Coordination of the APWA audit, tax and banking services is also within Teri's sphere of responsibility.

Mary Coleman
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3518

* General Ledger Maintenance
* Grants and Contracts Financial Reporting
* Reconciliation of Cash and Investments
* Payroll

Mary maintains the General Ledger, including the month-end closing process for the accounting and membership databases. She also reconciles all cash and investment accounts, performs the monthly grant financial reporting, and processes refunds and payroll.

Rebecca Leistico
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3517

Accounts Receivable Specialist
* Accounts Receivable

Rebecca posts all check and credit card payments received for publications (including MicroPAVER), meetings (including workshops, Snow Conference, and Click, Listen & Learns) and membership. Rebecca handles member inquiries regarding account balances for all nonmembership-related invoices.

Kay Caldwell
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3536

Chapter Financial Specialist
* Monitors Chapter Financial Reporting 
* Facilitates Registrations

Kay processes billing requests for all APWA meeting registrations (except for Congress). She is responsible for monitoring the chapter financial reports and approves/mails chapter rebate checks. Kay also processes billing requests for the APWA Reporter, website, and prorated membership dues, and processes reminder billings for accounts over 30 days past due.

Thai Nguyen
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3519

Accounts Payable Specialist
* Accounts Payable
* Accounting

Thai is responsible for the timely payment of all APWA vendors. He maintains the in-house purchase order system and works with staff to resolve any questions or concerns regarding expense activity with each account. Thai is also responsible for the 1099 reporting for the national office as well as chapters.


Kevin Clark
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3513

Manager of Communications and Editor, APWA Reporter
* APWA Reporter
* Press releases
* Online version of APWA Reporter

Kevin is responsible for editing, coordinating and producing APWA's award-winning magazine, the APWA Reporter. He also handles all press releases concerning National Public Works Week, the North American Snow Conference, and Congress; oversees the production of media kits; and is responsible for posting the APWA Reporter on APWA's website. Kevin serves as the staff liaison to the Editorial Advisory Board.


Patricia A. Kutt, CAE
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3582

Director of Education
* APWA education from concept to creation
* New initiatives
* Leadership training
* Joint ventures in education
* Grant-related programs

Patricia directs the Education Department in creating the strategies that result in the annual education calendar of offerings. These include workshops, the Click, Listen & Learn series, text-based course development, and Snow and Congress educational programming. She organizes and facilitates both regional and national chapter leaders training when requested.

Karen Wilson
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3565

Project Manager, Adult Education
* Congress Education Programs
* Speaker selection and contracting
* Specialty Workshops

Karen is responsible for the development and implementation of the Education Program at Congress, which includes four General Sessions, 150 concurrent sessions, and Pre- and Post-Congress Workshops. She manages the Call for Presentations and session selection process through the Congress Program Review Committee, plus all speaker communications and contracting. She also researches and develops topics and formats for other educational programming, including workshops and Click, Listen & Learns.

Michael Long
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3521

Project Manager, Adult Education
* Click, Listen & Learn virtual workshops
* Snow Conference education program
* Live workshops

Michael manages the planning and production of the new interactive web-based series of monthly information training programs available at your desktop. He also exclusively develops the education program for the popular North American Snow Conference. His role also involves working with the chapters in offering live training, such as the Fleet Workshops, in their locations. Michael is the key education liaison to most of the Technical Committees.

Becky Stein, CAE
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3535

Project Manager, Adult Education
* Click, Listen & Learn virtual workshops
* Coordinates special projects

Becky manages the planning and production of several of the Click, Listen & Learn interactive web-based training programs available at your desktop. Her position was just recently developed, and most of her time is currently being spent on developing and coordinating new special projects.

Ashley Scherzer
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3511

Education Program Producer
* Click, Listen & Learn programs
* Speaker training in use of webcast technology
* Development of visuals in various programs
* Ensures placement of APWA's education calendar in key media
* Edits audio and visual files for educational post-program CDs
* Coordinates special projects

Ashley handles the logistics, from registration to archiving, of the Click, Listen & Learn webcasts. This includes orientations of the speakers and production of the live broadcast. She is the customer service connection responsible for all communication and pre-testing of software with the registered sites.

Laura Coughlin
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3540

Education Assistant
* Speaker relations
* Database management for Congress education programs
* Member interaction for all education inquiries
* Logistic coordination for specialty programs

Laura is the department's focal point for all education-related inquiries. She coordinates Congress speaker/education session information and communication, assists with coordinating Snow Conference speakers and sessions, processes all CEUs from education events, processes registrations for all live workshops, and assists with special projects.

Information Technology

Daniel Armstrong, MCP
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3533

Director of Information Technology
* Information Technology
* Computer hardware/software/service vendor manager
* Internal network, website, Internet access

Dann directs all APWA Information Technology areas. He is responsible for coordinating all computer, network, and Internet-related activities in and between the Kansas City and Washington offices, as well as developing and maintaining working relationships with computer hardware, software, and service vendors. He maintains APWA's internal and external e-mail systems and is the technical contact for APWA's InfoNOW Communities. He also maintains and monitors APWA's internal network, website, and Internet access, and establishes Service Level Agreements for all network operations. In addition, he is responsible for all internal and external data security.

Christopher Lemon
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3534

Senior Web Developer
* APWA website

Chris is responsible for the content development of the APWA website. He also provides backup support for the Director of Information Technology.

Greg Hartegan
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3514

Information Resources Manager
* Database management
* Mailing labels and lists

Greg is responsible for our database management. He is also responsible for the fulfillment of all data abstractions from APWA's member database (e.g., mailing labels, data disks, report requests). He prepares reports from member data for all internal and external requests.

Brent Paloutzian
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3588

Web Developer
* Chapter website templates
* APWA website maintenance
* New projects

Brent is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the chapter website templates. He also provides backup support to the Senior Web Developer and Director of Information Technology through APWA website maintenance and the development of new projects.


David Dancy
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3530

Director of Marketing
* APWA events and activities
* Publications and education programs
* National Public Works Week

Dave develops marketing strategies for the association and directs the marketing of all APWA activities including conferences, publications, workshops, continuing education programs, and National Public Works Week. Additionally, he monitors members' needs with periodic surveys.

Jon Dilley
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3543

Manager of Marketing and Graphic Design
* APWA events and activities
* Marketing campaigns
* Logo usage standards and requests
* NPWW events and activities
* Internet marketing
* P.W. Paws mascot rental questions and reservations

Jon develops marketing strategies and budgets for National Public Works Week and the North American Snow Conference. In addition, he manages the graphic design team, providing art direction and managing the printing and production of collateral, web graphics, and the APWA Reporter magazine.

Connie Hartline
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3577

Publications Manager
* APWA Publications
* Association Historical Information

Connie works with staff, Technical Committees, and freelance authors to identify and produce new or update existing APWA publications. She also assists in creating marketing and public information materials and fields a variety of historical questions about the association and out-of-print publications.

Lillie Plowman
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3538

Publications/Premiums Marketing Manager
* APWA events and activities
* Publication marketing campaigns
* APWA Premium Collection marketing campaigns
* Internet marketing

Lillie manages the marketing functions of APWA publications and the APWA Premium Collection. She also pursues partnerships with associations and organizations to ensure that the widest possible catalog of publications, educational programs and resources is available to inform, assist, and educate APWA members on the latest trends, case studies, and training used in their various professions.

Sarah Ellis
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3550

Graphic Designer
* APWA Reporter
* Marketing collateral

Sarah uses her graphic design skills each month on the APWA Reporter magazine. She works with all areas of marketing including design of postcards, brochures, magazine advertisements, and other collateral pieces.

Christine Robinson
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3560

Publications Specialist
* Purchasing APWA products and publications

Christine is the contact person for those wishing to purchase APWA publications and products. She is responsible for the processing and fulfillment of orders, and assists in marketing publications and educational programs.

P.W. Paws
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3507

APWA Mascot
* Inflatable
* Lightweight
* Maneuverable
* Lots of fun

P.W. Paws, APWA's nine-foot-tall mascot, creates excitement wherever he goes, whether it's at Congress, the Snow Conference, or at chapter events. If you'd like Paws to appear at your event, just give him a call.


Dana W. Priddy
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3587

Director of Meetings
* The Best Show in Public Works: APWA International Public Works Congress and Exposition
* Site Selection for Future Congresses

Dana is in charge of planning meetings at APWA, including the annual Congress and Exposition. She oversees the site selection, logistics, and implementation for the annual meetings, including the exhibit programs, sponsorship opportunities, sessions, and events.

Brenda Shaver
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3553

Manager of Meetings
* North American Snow Conference
* APWA Congress and Exposition

Brenda manages the overall planning and site selection for the annual North American Snow Conference. She also coordinates the scheduling, setup, audio-visual, and food and beverage needs for meetings, sessions, and special events at the annual Congress and Exposition and various other association workshops and meetings.

Diana Forbes
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3520

Meetings Planner/Exhibit Sales Manager
* APWA Congress and Exposition
* North American Snow Conference
* Other meetings/workshops

Diana is a member of the APWA Congress and Exposition team that coordinates the logistics for APWA's annual event. She also works with other Meetings staff in the planning of APWA's North American Snow Conference and handles Snow Conference exhibit sales and operations. She is responsible for the logistics of other meetings and workshops and is the contact to review hotel and convention center contracts for our chapters.

Member Services

Lee Hawkins
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3545

Director of Member Services
* Member services
* Chapter services and Awards program

Lee oversees the development and implementation of membership programs and benefits; chapter governance and bylaws; recruitment/retention programming; and publications such as Bridges and the Chapter Resource Guide. He is primary staff liaison to the Membership, Bylaws and Rules, and Awards Committees.

Patty Mahan
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3584

Membership Marketing and Development Manager
* Marketing, recruitment, and retention support services
* Development of membership materials

Patty provides membership marketing, recruitment, and retention support services for both the national and chapter levels. She also coordinates development of membership-related communications materials.

Rhonda Wilhite
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3512

Chapter Coordinator
* Awards program
* Chapter services

Rhonda provides administrative support to the chapters and the national awards program and assists in the development of the online Chapter Resource Guide and the Leadership Directory.

Hend Shakntana
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3578

Member Services Coordinator
* Requests for membership information
* Billing
* Quality assurance & database reports
* Member records maintenance

Hend is responsible for handling membership inquiries and requests from members and non-members. Additionally, she is responsible for assuring quality levels are being met by administering ongoing quality assurance programs in the department, as well as writing and processing database reports for program evaluation and records maintenance. She also verifies the accuracy of monthly membership billing and answers questions relating to member records.

Peggy Van Hooser
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3542

Membership Assistant
* Requests for membership information
* Member records

Peggy is responsible for handling membership inquiries and requests for information from members and non-members, billing of membership dues, as well as maintenance of the membership database.

Office Management/Human Resources

Julie Engler
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3522

Human Resources/Office Manager
* Employment with APWA
* Office admini

Julie coordinates staff recruitment, benefits administration, and all other human resources functions for APWA. She also manages the daily office management needs of staff.

Lois Smith
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3586

Staff Assistant
* Mailing and receiving
* FedEx, express mail, etc.

Lois primarily services the mailing, shipping, delivery, and receiving needs of the staff. She is also in charge of copies and supplies.

Raye LaViolet
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3590

Staff Assistant
* Receptionist duties
* Administrative support

Raye is responsible for receptionist duties and administrative support for the Kansas City office including daily phone, fax and e-mail procedures and coordination of specific projects.

Technical Services

Ann Daniels
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3547

Director of Technical Services
* Leadership and Management Committee
* Agency Self-Assessment and Accreditation
* Emerging Public Works Leaders Program
* "Ask Ann"

Ann serves as Director of the Technical Services Department and staff liaison to the Leadership and Management Committee. Ann coordinates the Self-Assessment Workshops and Accreditation Program. She serves as the APWA liaison to the National Local Technical Assistance Program Association (NLTAPA), and encourages involvement of both experienced mentors along with public works personnel with less than five years of professional experience as part of the Emerging Public Works Leaders Program. She serves as author of the "Ask Ann" column in the APWA Reporter.

Karen D. Bloodworth
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3591

Technical Services Program Manager
* Emergency Management
* Facilities and Grounds
* Fleet Services

Karen serves as the liaison to three of our Technical Committees: Emergency Management, Facilities and Grounds, and Fleet Services. The Technical Committees serve as the APWA "centers of expertise" and provide oversight responsibility in their jurisdiction for APWA programs, services and products in support of the APWA Strategic Plan.

Carol S. Estes
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3508

Technical Services Program Manager
* Engineering and Technology
* Transportation
* Utility and Public Right-of-Way

Carol serves as the liaison to three of our Technical Committees: Engineering and Technology, Transportation, and Utility & Public Right-of-Way. She is responsible for managing information related to each issue these committees are working on. She works with the committees on their monthly conference calls, publications, and web-based resources. In addition, Carol serves as the point of contact for the Winter Maintenance Subcommittee.

Art Gall
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3527

Technical Services Program Manager
* Water Resources Management
* Solid Waste Management

Art is the liaison for the Technical Committees dealing with water resources (potable water, sanitary sewer and stormwater) and solid waste. Their common mission is to provide assistance and guidance to APWA members in the committees' areas of expertise. Both groups serve as a reference source, produce educational resources, provide technical input, and monitor and comment on relevant legislation.

Teresa Hon
(800) 848-APWA, ext. 3515

Technical Services Coordinator
* Support of Technical Committees
* Support of Public Works Historical Society
* Technical support for MicroPaver software and subscriptions

Teresa is responsible for the logistical support of Technical Committees and other volunteer groups staffed by the Technical Services Department. She provides internal and external member service, serving as the centralized point of contact for staff, volunteers, and members for information regarding Technical Committees and other groups assigned to the Technical Services Department. She serves as the staff liaison for the Public Works Historical Society and assists the Department Director with the accreditation program. Teresa is the program coordinator and technical services contact for the MicroPaver (pavement management) program.

APWA staff - Washington, D.C. office

Jim Fahey
(202) 408-9541 ext. 3006

Director of Government Relations
* Government Relations
* Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
* Public Policy Advocacy

Jim directs APWA's government relations and advocacy programs and initiatives and is the primary staff liaison to the Government Affairs Committee. He serves as senior staff advocate promoting APWA public policy advocacy priorities and positions before the U.S. Congress, federal agencies and the media.

Kristina A. Tanasichuk
(202) 408-9541 ext. 3005

Senior Manager of Government Relations
* Homeland Security
* Emergency Management
* Public Policy Advocacy

Kristina manages APWA's government relations initiatives related to homeland security and emergency management, and is the legislative staff liaison to the Emergency Management Committee and homeland security issues. She serves as senior staff advocate promoting APWA public policy advocacy priorities and positions before the U.S. Congress, federal agencies and the media.

Heather McTavish Doucet
(202) 408-9541, ext. 3010

Government Relations Associate
* Environmental Issue Monitoring
* CPWA Advocacy Programs

Heather is responsible for outreach to federal agencies, congressional staff and other affiliated organizations with a primary focus on water resources and solid waste issues. She is also involved in tracking and monitoring legislation at the state government level. Heather also works with the Canadian Public Works Association's advocacy program by monitoring and advocating on public works issues in Canada.

Lisa Pogue
(202) 408-9541, ext. 3012

Director of Technology Transfer
* Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Clearinghouse

Lisa manages a contract with the Federal Highway Administration for the LTAP Clearinghouse and assists members wanting to get involved in LTAP. She manages a website for the LTAP program ( and promotes LTAP through newsletters and exhibits.

Cortney Riese
(202) 408-9541, ext. 3013

Communications Manager
* Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Clearinghouse

Cortney coordinates the communication and marketing aspects related to the LTAP Clearinghouse contract with the Federal Highway Administration.

Beth Denniston
(202) 408-9541, ext. 3011

Director, National Rural Transit Assistance Program
* Transit operation, regulation and funding
* Americans with Disabilities Act
* Welfare to Work
* Smart Growth

Beth focuses on rural and small-community issues. She directs the Federal Transit Administration's National Rural Transit Assistance Program, a $750,000 annual contract to develop technical assistance and training materials for transit agencies serving populations under 50,000. She also directs several related FTA agreements involving Welfare to Work, coordination of Health and Human Services Transportation with public transit and transit's role in Smart Growth issues. She is the primary staff liaison to the Small Cities/Rural Communities Forum and represents APWA at a variety of federal and association working groups, coalitions and councils. Additionally, she edits the Washington Report.

Mark Tibbetts
(202) 408-0941, ext. 3007

Senior Manager of Development
* Federal Government Grants
* Foundation Grants
* Sponsorships
* Affinity Marketing Programs

Mark is responsible for developing non-dues revenue sources for APWA. His responsibilities break into three parts. Working with both Government Relations and the Kansas City office, Mark identifies and pursues funding opportunities from federal agencies and private foundations. He also works with APWA staff in developing and pursuing sponsorships for APWA programs. Finally, he seeks to identify and develop opportunities for developing alternative revenue sources such as affinity marketing programs.

Jean Smith
(202) 408-9541, ext. 3002

Executive Assistant/Office Manager
* Office administration management
* Assistance to Executive Director
* Liaison for President, President-Elect and Executive Director Meeting Scheduling

Jean manages and coordinates services related to office administration for the Washington, D.C. office. She coordinates multiple projects and functions between Washington and Kansas City headquarters staff. She provides administrative assistance to the Executive Director and serves as the Executive Committee's meeting and conference scheduling liaison.

Dira A. Grace
(202) 408-9541, ext. 3001

Receptionist/Office Assistant
* Receptionist duties
* Administrative support

Grace is responsible for receptionist duties and administrative support for the Washington office including daily phone, fax and e-mail procedures and coordination of specific projects.