Index to 2003 articles

Listed in this index are all articles published in the 11 issues of the APWA Reporter during 2003. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order. All of the articles can be found on the Reporter website at

2003 Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year, May, pgs. 13-18
  John C. (Jack) Farnon, pg. 13
  Rhonda Faught, pg. 13
  Thomas C. Kirkwood, pg. 13
  Tony Leffin, pg. 16
  Diane M. Linderman, pg. 16
  Tim Madhanagopal, pg. 16
  Jack McCorkell, pg. 17
  Richard F. Stinson, pg. 17
  L. Scott Tucker, pg. 18
  James C. Wood, pg. 18
2003 Projects of the Year Awards, July, pgs. 31-44
  Eagle Creek Bridge Emergency Repair, pg. 31
  Replacement of Keaiwa Stream Bridge, pg. 32
  Clearwell Roof Collapse: Emergency Response, pg. 33
  Rio Nuevo Landfill Stabilization Project, pg. 34
  Crystal Spring Filtration Plant, pg. 35
  Hart Street Wastewater Pump Station Force Main Replacement, pg. 36
  Soo Line "S" Bridge, pg. 37
  Holman Stadium Improvements, pg. 38
  Misteguay Creek Intercounty Drain Structure No. 4, pg. 39
  Wells Street CTA Structure, pg. 40
  The Centre of Elgin, pg. 41
  110th Street and Lamar Avenue Roundabout Improvements, pg. 42
  Broadway "Diamondback" Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge, pg. 43
  Wacker Drive Reconstruction Project, pg. 44
Honoring its own..., Oct, pg. 28

Book Review
Taking Charge! The Captain's Guide to Developing Effective Leading and Managing Skills, Feb, pg. 20
Handbook of Solid Waste Management, March, pg. 15
Getting the Most out of Your Infrastructure Assets, April, pg. 40
In the Face of Uncertainty: 25 Top Leaders Speak Out on Challenge, Change, and the Future of American Business, May, pg. 8
Implementing Successful Geographic Information Systems, June, pg. 9
Traffic Control Devices Handbook, July, pg. 18
The Manager's Question and Answer Book, Aug, pg. 17
Emergency Management Field Manual for Public Works, Sept, pg. 7
Getting It Right! A Guide to Planning and Constructing Public Works Yards, Sept, pg. 7
Beneficial Landfill Reuse, Sept, pg. 7
Financing Stormwater Facilities: A Utilities Approach, Sept, pg. 7
Water for the Anasazi: How the Ancients of Mesa Verde Engineered Public Works, Sept, pg. 7
An Interview with Robert C. Esterbrooks, Sept, pg. 7
Project Management in Construction, Oct, pg. 8
Top Ten Performance Measures for Fleet Managers, Nov, pg. 8
Managed Competition in Public Works, Dec/Jan, pg. 12

Congress 2003
And the winners are..., April, pg. 25
And now, a word from our exhibitors, April, pg. 38
If you've never been to Congress..., June, pg. 6
Things to do, places to go in San Diego, July, pg. 13
Four options to attend Congress, Aug, pg. 23
Don't miss these at Congress!, Aug, pg. 24
One-day passes available for Congress, Aug, pg. 25
Chapter Leaders Target Tuesday, Aug, pg. 26
Fifty reasons to attend Congress, Aug, pg. 27
City of San Diego's Think Blue Campaign, Aug, pg. 28
Urban Forestry: Benefits and drawbacks of city trees, Aug, pg. 29
What stormwater managers should know about fluvial geomorphology, Aug, pg. 31
Machu Picchu: Prehistoric Public Works, Aug, pg. 33
The San Diego experience, Oct, pg. 14
Educational sessions at Congress, Oct, pg. 24
Honoring its own..., Oct, pg. 28
Pictures worth a thousand words..., Oct, pg. 34

Corporate Directory
APWA Corporate Member Directory of Products and Services, April, pg. 50
  Alphabetical listing, pg. 50
  Categorical listing, pg. 69

Using your organization's diversity as a community outreach tool, Feb, pg. 19
Diversity is good for business, March, pg. 13
Creative strategies to increase membership and diversity at state chapters using the First Timers concept, May, pg. 12
Celebrating APWA's diversity successes, Aug, pg. 13
Top Ten ways to interest young APWA members, Sept, pg 8
How we measure up "a San Antonio, Texas experience" managing team diversity, Dec/Jan, pg. 10

The challenge of restoring the beneficial reuse of our filled lands, March, pg. 20
Single stream recycling: Could be coming to a theatre near you, March, pg. 21
Environmental impacts of CCA-treated wood—what's it all about and why should we be concerned?, March, pg. 23
Electronic recycling/product stewardship, March, pg. 25
County tackles e-waste problem, March, pg. 26

Facilities and Grounds
Green Infrastructure, April, pg. 26
Managing municipal facilities, April, pg. 46
A new approach to reduce flooding and sewer overflows: trees, April, pg. 48
The secrets to rebuilding the award-winning Nashua park system, Aug, pg. 67

City of Greeley brings vehicle maintenance in-house, Aug, pg. 62
Lessons learned under "fire," Nov, pg. 16
Planning to remodel your facility? Read on, Nov, pg. 20
National challenge for fleet managers: "Best service at lowest cost," Nov, pg. 23
Attracting, recruiting and retaining technicians, Nov, pg. 24
Monitoring fleet utilization for the justification of equipment needs, Nov, pg. 26
Strategic approaches to tight budgets, Nov, pg. 28

CPWA participates in Technology Road Map partners program, Aug, pg. 12
Dry emergency gas scrubbers: The dream machine for removing chlorine, Aug, pg. 60
Document retention post-Arthur Anderson: The ultimate risk-benefit analysis, Aug, pg. 69

Information Technology
Geomatics and satellite imagery in managing your infrastructure, June, pg. 12
Neighborhood benchmarking—a GIS approach, June, pg. 16
When source controls are not enough: Considering advanced urban runoff treatment, June, pg. 18
Public Works—an important player in homeland security, June, pg. 19
The Willamette River Water Treatment Facility: a design/build project, June, pg. 21

Innovative Financing
Ball Infrastructure Project hits a grand slam, Dec/Jan, pg. 18
Local utility helps fund a microturbine to provide emergency power and peak-load shedding, Dec/Jan, pg. 21
Keeping it clean: Financing clean water through innovative methods, Dec/Jan, pg. 22
Stormwater program funding in California, Dec/Jan, pg. 25
You need a bond issue passed—is your community ready to vote for it?, Dec/Jan, pg. 28
Good project management is the key to the privatization decision, Dec/Jan, pg. 30
A novel approach to sewer capacity fees, Dec/Jan, pg. 32
Collier County business recycling initiative: Building partnerships and benefiting the bottom line, Dec/Jan, pg. 34

Inside APWA
Past President Mueller named to Homeland Security Advisory Committee, Feb, pg. 3
Call for nominations to APWA Board issued, Feb, pg. 5
Snow Conference coming to Quebec City, Feb, pg. 10
Index to 2002 articles
Haraga appointed Hawaii DOT Director, March, pg. 3
2002 Financials: Strong performance, again, March, pg. 5
New APWA staff, April, pg. 3
Directory of chapter contacts, April, pg. 6
APWA Board of Directors, April, pg. 8
APWA staff ready to help..., April, pg. 9
APWA attends National Partnership Summit, April, pg. 22
Finding the member wannabe!, April, pg. 24
City of North Miami Beach introduces APWA flag at South Florida Branch meeting, April, pg. 29
Homeland Security Task Force, April, pg. 35
APWA-InfoLink: Detouring around the construction site, April, pg. 39
Candidates for the 2003-2004 APWA Board of Directors named, July, pg. 7
Judith Mueller: Senior Advisor on Homeland Security Council, July, pg. 9
Snow Conference withstands all challenges, July, pg. 10
Martin Manning/Daniel DeYoung interview, Aug, pg. 8
New APWA staff, Aug, pg. 14
Full-scale national terrorism exercise, Aug, pg. 53
APWA President Kalynchuk speaks on the status of America's declining infrastructure, Oct, pg. 3
New APWA staff, Oct, pg. 9
New APWA staff, Nov, pg. 7
2004 Editorial Calendar, Dec/Jan, pg. 5

International Idea Exchange
Hillsborough County Public Works Department hosts APWA/AMMAC international exchange visitors, Feb, pg. 26
Slovak Public Works Association Spring Conference, Feb, pg. 28
Mexico City airport faces an uncertain future, March, pg. 16
Stormwater management practice comparison: Australia and USA, April, pg. 41
Tijuana to host 2003 Mexican Public Works Conference in May, April, pg. 45
Infrastructure: What is the future viability of your Authority?, May, pg. 19
One hundred thirty-year flood in the ancient city of Prague, June, pg. 10
APWA delegation attends 2003 Mexican Public Works Conference in Tijuana, Mexico, July, pg. 19
Another full and exciting year for the International Affairs Committee, Aug, pg. 19
APWA relaunches Jennings Randolph International Fellowship Program, Aug, pg. 21
Attracting young and new people to public works, Sept, pg. 12
San Diego Congress: an International Affair Extraordinaire, Oct, pg. 10
IPWEA International Public Works Conference, Oct, pg. 12
The Three Gorges Project in China, Nov, pg. 12
The Congress experience of representatives from Slovakia and Czech Republic, Dec/Jan, pg. 13
Spring Public Works Conferences in Slovakia and Czech Republic, Dec/Jan, pg. 14
Best practices in plant and vehicle management, Dec/Jan, pg. 15
APWA member Cameron Berkuti helping rebuild the infrastructure in Iraq, Dec/Jan, pg. 17

Leadership and Management
What are the core competencies required of public works professionals?, April, pg. 27
The Future of Public Works: Change, Challenge, and Strategic Leadership, May, pg. 21
The easy solution for every problem, Aug, pg. 40
Huh?, Aug, pg. 42
An effective public works decisive, Dec/Jan, pg. 37

Member Profile
The "premiere" organization: Larry Nadeau, Feb, pg. 8
A class act: Uly Ford, March, pg. 8
Leadership, friends and contacts: Bud Halkewycz, April, pg. 36
Professionalism, planning, prioritization and people: Sharon D. Subadan, May, pg. 9
All part of enjoying a career: Gregory W. Huffman, June, pg. 8
"The Michael Jordans of Public Works": Keith Hunke, July, pg. 15
An organization that can make a change: Julio Fuentes, Aug, pg. 15
What you can do for other people: Patty Hilderbrand, Sept, pg. 10
You want to be caring: Maurice Shiu, Oct, pg. 6
We owe a debt to our society: Bud Curtis, Nov, pg. 10
The best standards out there: George Crombie, Dec/Jan, pg. 8

National Public Works Week
National Public Works Week gives recognition to public works profession, Feb, pg. 16
National Public Works Week in Edmonton, March, pg. 10
National Public Works Week in Oregon, April, pg. 32

Past APWA President, Roy W. Morse, dies, Feb, pg. 7
Longtime member and national award winner, Hal Harris, dies, July, pg. 3
Paul Williams, active member of Florida Chapter, dies, Aug, pg. 3
Ernest Hendricks, Jr., 1928-2003, Aug, pg. 3

President's Message
Building our membership: Let's make it a reality, Feb, pg. 2
Don't just stand there, March, pg. 2
Members are the key to our growth, April, pg. 2
Members are the key to our advocacy success, May, pg. 2
Make it your responsibility, June, pg. 2
Do your friends a favor, July, pg. 2
Congress designed for you, Aug, pg. 2
New president committed to international awareness, diversity, advocacy and teamwork, Sept, pg. 2
Dwayne Kalynchuk's Presidential Address at the 2003 Congress, Oct, pg. 2
Lobbying is not a four-letter word, Nov, pg. 2
People who need people, Dec/Jan, pg. 2

Technical Committee News
Water resources—use 'em while you got 'em, Feb, pg. 7
Our Business is "Picking Up"!, March, pg. 7
Public Works Emergency Management, April, pg. 21
Highlights from the Combined Technical Committee Meeting, May, pg. 5
Technical Committee to launch new "yards" publication, May, pg. 7
Committee evaluates member responses to Policy 465 survey, June, pg. 5
Transportation: The group within the group, July, pg. 6
UPROW? .....What's an UPROW?, Aug, pg. 7
Got snow? We do!, Sept, pg. 6
The best of the best, Oct, pg. 5
Fleet Services Committee serious about education, Nov, pg. 6
News from the Facilities and Grounds Committee, Dec/Jan, pg. 6

Bus Rapid Transit: The high-quality, lower-cost alternative, July, pg. 21
Asset Management: Resources for maximizing your transportation investment, July, pg. 23
City implements continuous process improvement in roadways section, July, pg. 24
Roadside maintenance challenges in a shrinking economy, July, pg. 28

Utilities and Public Right-of-Way
Summary of the "Understanding the Value of Your Right-of-Way" Click, Listen and Learn presentation, Aug, pg. 10
Electronic Permitting: The next generation, Aug, pg. 45
Damage data collection system provides valuable benefits, Aug, pg. 47
Sidewalks! From $1 million to $20 million per year, Aug, pg. 50

Washington Insight
A look back on the 2002 elections and their impacts, Feb, pg. 4
The year of public infrastructure: transportation, aviation and water infrastructure issues make 2003 a busy year, March, pg. 4
Eleven national associations come together to unveil local priorities for TEA-21 reauthorization, April, pg. 4
Water infrastructure needs gain congressional attention, May, pg. 4
AIR-21 rewrite taking off, June, pg. 4
DHS rolls out a series of grants for the nation's First Responders, cities and states, July, pg. 4
$247-billion SAFETEA proposal unveiled, Aug, pg. 5
House committee passes legislation requiring environmental reviews of Army Corps of Engineers projects; will it be enough to silence the critics?, Sept, pg. 5
Board of Directors adopts advocacy priorities, Oct, pg. 4
Fighting for our communities: APWA testifies to save disaster mitigation funding, Nov, pg. 4
TEA-21 extension provides short-term relief, uncertainty, Dec/Jan, pg. 4

Water Resources
It's your drought—what are you going to do with it?, Feb, pg. 29
Sanitary Sewer Overflow Regulations—maybe this year, Feb, pg. 31
Twenty years in the making—now a reality, Feb, pg. 32
Update on EPA's Environmental Technology Verification Wet Weather Flows Pilot Program, Feb, pg. 35
Watershed management approach enhances wooded suburban stream corridor, Aug, pg. 55
No magic act, Aug, pg. 58
The thirst of a thousand, Aug, pg. 65

Winter Maintenance
ODOT deploys massive wireless Environmental Sensing Station technology in RWIS expansion, Sept, pg. 15
Advanced decision support for winter road maintenance, Sept, pg. 16
Audio technology effective in driving salt routes, Sept, pg. 20
Geomatics inspire winter maintenance revolution, Sept, pg. 22
Why aren't YOU anti-icing yet? Five common excuses debunked, Sept, pg. 24
Now more than ever: Training for road maintenance workers, Sept, pg. 26
Change can be good: Snow removal success story in Kansas City, Sept, pg. 28