UPROW? .....What's an UPROW?

Carol S. Estes, P.E.
Technical Services Program Manager
APWA Kansas City Office

UPROW stands for Utilities and Public Right-of-Way, one of APWA's busiest Technical Committees. The committee provides education and information to help raise awareness about and promote the best use of the public rights-of-way. It provides a forum where diverse stakeholders can come together to discuss common issues, best management practices, and peaceful integration of all users of the right-of-way. It was established as the result of a task force report identifying the need for clarification of more than 30 issues arising from the use of public rights-of-way.

The committee is composed of six members representing public agencies and utilities and a representative of One-Call Systems International (OCSI). To accomplish its aggressive work plan, UPROW has created three subcommittees. Each subcommittee is chaired by a member of the Technical Committee and is charged with oversight of a specialized technical area of concern. In addition, each subcommittee prepares or oversees the development of an educational session for Congress. Sessions developed by the subcommittees for Congress this year include: "GASB 34 and Right-of-Way Management," "Creating Support for Right-of-Way Management," and "Electronic Permitting: The Next Generation" which is co-sponsored by the Engineering and Technology Technical Committee.

The three current UPROW subcommittees are:

  • Planning and Coordination
  • Right-of-Way Management
  • Construction Practices
The UPROW Committee provides technical material and speakers for right-of-way Click, Listen, and Learn programs including the recent program, "Understanding the Value of Your Right-of-Way." The program was hosted at 130 sites and viewed by just over 1,000 participants. Wm. Roger Buell, P.E. (Right-of-Way Manager, Charlotte, NC), a present committee member, and Tom Wendorf, P.E. (Public Works Director, San Antonio, TX), a past committee member, served as speakers and, along with other UPROW Committee members and APWA staff, developed the program materials. A synopsis of the Click, Listen, and Learn appears in this issue of the Reporter on page 10.

A continuing activity of all Technical Committees is the review, revision, and development of APWA publications. It is the responsibility of the committees to ensure that material is current, complete, and representative of the best of established practices. UPROW is currently reviewing the publications The How-To Book on Utility Coordination Committees, Excavation in the Right-of-Way: A Guide to Coordination and Regulation, and Managing Utility Cuts to determine what updates are necessary.

UPROW actively works to identify new resources and to develop materials to assist managers, users, and elected officials in the formulation of public policy and local ordinances for right-of-way management. Documents such as the "Model Right-of-Way Ordinance" and "Pavement Degradation: How Other Cities are Dealing With It" are posted on the Technical Committee's web page. The material can be found at

The current members of the UPROW Technical Committee are:

  • Mark Macy (Committee Chair), Assistant Director of Public Works, City of Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Wm. Roger Buell, Right-of-Way Manager-Section Engineer, City of Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • John Cunningham, Assistant Managing Director, Philadelphia Department of Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Steven Goodman, Project Manager, Arizona Public Service Co., Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Ron Polvi, Director of District Engineering, Northwest Natural Gas Co., Salem, Oregon.
  • Eloy Rosales, Right-of-Way Manager, San Antonio Public Works Department, City of San Antonio, Texas.
  • James D. Maniscalco, Executive Director, Utility Notification Center of Colorado, Lakewood, Colorado.
John German, Vice President/District Director, PBS&J, San Antonio, Texas, serves as the Board Liaison. Carol Estes is the staff liaison.

Carol Estes can be reached at (800) 848-APWA or at