Transportation: The group within the group

Carol S. Estes, P.E.
Technical Services Program Manager
APWA Kansas City Office

Most people know that APWA is a diverse group of individuals whose responsibilities and interests lie in a broad range of areas. Most members are responsible for activities in more than one functional area of their agency. Can you guess which area is the largest and involves the most APWA members? If you guessed transportation, you are correct. More than half have some responsibility in transportation-related areas. The Transportation Technical Committee represents this "group within the group."

The Transportation Committee is charged with the mission "to provide APWA members with resources for exchanging and developing ideas, information, skills, knowledge, and technologies for the advancement of APWA's transportation objective and to develop and advocate environmentally sound, sustainable, cost-effective, and safe systems that enhance the livability and quality of life in our communities through active public involvement." According to committee chair Rich Romer, the committee exists to help members "see the road ahead" by:

  • Continuing productive partnerships with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE).
  • Continuing a close relationship with the APWA TEA-21 Task Force.
  • Distributing a weekly "e-zine" Transportation Newsletter.
  • Expanding the InfoNOW Transportation On-line Community.
  • Creating active subcommittees.
  • Providing the latest in transportation educational topics at Congress.
  • Publishing articles in the APWA Reporter.
If you subscribe to the Transportation InfoNOW Community, each Friday you receive the committee's "e-zine" newsletter entitled "Transportation Community News Update." The newsletter is a convenient way to track items of interest that have occurred over the past week, upcoming training and meetings, and a variety of new ideas. If you haven't already subscribed to this InfoNOW Community you can easily do so on the APWA website, You will need your APWA member number. If you're an APWA member you can also send an e-mail message to

If you are interested in continuing education and training opportunities, you may have noticed a Click, Listen and Learn scheduled for June with Smart Growth as the subject matter, or you may have participated in last January's CLL on the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The committee provides technical expertise and assists the Education Department in development of program materials.

Are you concerned about compliance with the MUTCD? Are you worried that you may miss compliance dates? Check out the Checklist for the New MUTCD Deadlines You Don't Want to Miss. You can find the publication, along with other great materials, in the APWA bookstore. The publication was authored by APWA Board Member Marshall Elizer and Transportation Committee member Robert DeShurley.

Speed humps, bumps, or lumps. Do you know the difference? Are you into "streetscapes and funding alternatives"? Want to know the latest on TEA-21 Reauthorization? Attend Congress 2003 and take home the latest information and training on a variety of subjects. The Transportation Committee has provided sessions on many of the "hot topics" of today. Look over the session offerings on the APWA website and plan your complete transportation session itinerary.

The current members of the Transportation Technical Committee are:

  • Rich Romer, P.E., Chair, Orth-Rodgers Associates, Inc.
  • Marshall Elizer, Board Liaison, Gresham, Smith, & Partners
  • Robert DeShurley, Siemens Gardner Transp. System
  • Doug Drever, City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Mary Meloy, City of Redmond, Oregon
  • Kurt Weinrich, Pima County, Arizona
  • David Zelenok, City of Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Carol Estes, Staff Liaison
Carol Estes can be reached at (800) 848-APWA or by e-mail at