APWA Bookstore Product Review

The Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, better known as the MUTCD—if you're involved with streets and highways, you can't live without it. Sometimes, however, it's hard to live with it when you have to wade through its hundreds of pages to find the information you need.

But help is at hand! Software from Professional Traffic Graphics, Inc., and available from APWA, will make your MUTCD searches much easier to handle. The CD-ROM, MUTCD 2000, provides a fully searchable database of the rules and regulations that govern all the facets related to traffic control devices.

In a single, unified document, the user can:

  • See the exact text as published by FHWA, including all errata
  • Conduct indexed searches through whole document
  • Do stemmed word searches
  • Start searches of whole document at current page
  • Have access to approximately 18,000 hyperlinks
  • Use hyperlinks to websites
  • Take advantage of approximately 4,500 bookmarks
  • Link to definitions and glossary
  • Copy and paste text and graphics into other documents
  • Use toll-free phone support.
MUTCD 2000 not only meets, but exceeds, the capabilities of similar products available from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA). For instance, FHWA's online version presents the material in 26 separate files, does not have an indexed search function and allows the user to search only the current page. The FHWA version also lacks hyperlinks and bookmarks. Similarly, the ATSSA CD-ROM offers a single file in 15 separate sections. The text is not exact as published by FHWA, does not include all FHWA errata, can search only one of the 15 sections at a time, and has only one-third as many hyperlinks and approximately one-fifth as many bookmarks as MUTCD 2000. Plus, while printing ability is limited in the FHWA and ATSSA documents, MUTCD 2000 allows unlimited printing options—from a single graphic to the whole document at once.

Besides all of these features, MUTCD 2000 is highly affordable at only $80.00. As an added incentive, users who purchase MUTCD 2000 now will receive the 2003 update FREE. Altogether, it's an unbeatable deal!

To place your order, visit the APWA Bookstore online at www.apwa.net/bookstore/detail.asp?ProductID=276 or call 816-472-6100, ext. 3560.