Past APWA President, Chester J. Funnyé, dies

Former APWA President (1988-89) Chester J. Funnyé, 66, died February 27 in Atlanta, Georgia, after a lengthy illness.

Funnyé served as Atlanta's Commissioner of Public Works, retiring in 1990. He served the City for more than 18 years. During his tenure, Funnyé served as Deputy Director of Public Works with responsibility for highways, streets, bridges, traffic, and drainage, including related engineering and subdivision development; and subsequently served as head of the Public Works Department with overall responsibility for the City's public works, sanitation, water and wastewater services.

Funnyé held a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from South Carolina State University, where he graduated in 1956. Prior to joining Atlanta's Public Works Department, he worked as a bridge and structural engineer for the U.S. Bureau of Public Roads.

An active member of APWA, Funnyé served on APWA's Board of Directors from 1980 to 1986 and served as President and Vice President of the Georgia Chapter. On September 28, 1988 he was installed as APWA National President at the Congress banquet in Toronto, Ontario.

Although he left the City of Atlanta in 1990 to pursue a career with the consulting firm of Williams, Russell and Johnson, Funnyé remained an active member of APWA's National Advisory Council and an elder statesman of the Georgia Chapter. He is survived by his wife, Estella; his son, Chester (Jr.); and many former colleagues and friends.

"Chester was a quiet, unassuming man who led by example," said Mike Joyner, Liaison Director, Utilities Protection Center, Vidalia, Georgia. "I never heard him raise his voice in the 20-plus years that I knew him. But when he spoke, in that deliberate articulate manner, everyone within hearing listened."