APWA Book Review

New publications from APWA
Hot off the presses! APWA is pleased to provide APWA members with six new titles. These publications provide the latest on leading and managing; asset management; performance measures for fleet managers; and checklists for complying with MUTCD requirements. In addition, two of the publications preserve a "bit of history"—one focusing on the contribution of the Corps of Engineers and its influence on the development of iron for use in 19th Century construction, and the other on the career and accomplishments of Myron D. Calkins.

Take a minute to check them out. We are sure there is something that will make your job easier, and make a nice addition to your library.

Taking Charge!
The Captain's Guide to Developing Effective Leading and Managing Skills

2002 — APWA — ISBN 0-917084-94-2 — Bill Cook

Are you the captain of your public works vessel? To create and sustain quality work, it takes quality people, coupled with quality management and leadership. Good captains aren't "Rambos-in-pinstripes," but their people produce results. This book explores what it takes to become a good captain to your people by developing effective leading and managing skills.

An Interview with Myron D. Calkins
136 pp — 2002 — APWA — Fredrick Spletstoser, Ph.D.
This oral history interview tells the story of a modest man with a host of professional awards and accomplishments to his credit. Learn the story of Myron Calkins, from his roots in Tacoma, Washington, to his retirement and beyond in Kansas City, Missouri. You'll be entertained and enlightened by this peek into the life of one of the public works profession's most honored members.

Getting the Most Out of Your Infrastructure Assets:
A Guide to Using Infrastructure Asset Management Systems

60 pp — 2002 — APWA — ISBN 0-917084-95-0 — Andrew C. Lemer, Ph.D.

The skills required for infrastructure asset management have grown beyond traditional engineering training. The new infrastructure asset manager must draw on practices from business and finance, information systems and public administration. This guide will help prepare you with the goals, philosophy, principles and practical methods and tools available for asset management.

Checklist for the New MUTCD
Deadlines You Don't Want to Miss

2002 — APWA — R. Marshall Elizer and Robert DeShurley

This quick checklist is designed to assist local agencies in meeting the most pressing deadlines for changes to the MUTCD manual. The material is presented in an easily understandable format that will assist engineers and non-engineers alike.

Army Engineers' Contributions to the Development of Iron Construction in the Nineteenth Century
80 pp — 2002 — APWA — Sarah E. Wermiel
This essay examines the specific ways in which the U.S. federal government, through the Army Corps of Engineers, was able to influence the development of iron for use in 19th Century construction. The author documents the Corps' early use of iron as structural elements in the construction of fireproof buildings and skeleton frame lighthouses. Research for this book was done under contract to The Office of History, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Top Ten Performance Measures for Fleet Managers
2002 — APWA — Task Force on Fleet Performance Measures
Developing program and tracking performance measures helps fleet managers demonstrate the value of their departments to the communities they serve. Dozens of performance measures exist and vary from agency to agency. This book outlines the top ten most common and most critical to a fleet manager's success. Check out how your agency measures up.

Be sure to have the latest publications on hand. Each one is a must-have publication—you won't be able to purchase only one!

The 2003 APWA Publications and Resources Catalog is also available with more than 300 titles to choose from. To receive a copy or for more information on purchasing these and any other American Public Works Association books, please visit the APWA Bookstore on-line at www.apwa.net or call the Member Services Hotline at 1-800-848-APWA, ext. 3560.