APWA Book Review

Basic Supervision in Public Works Training Package
APWA (c)2001, ISBN 0-917084-90-X and 0-917084-91-8

New public works supervisors soon find that not only must they have technical skill and competency in the public works functions and operations they are in charge of, but now they must plan and schedule the work of others, deal with performance issues, give directions and feedback to employees, submit reports on work progress to agency management, and make decisions that lead to successful project completion. This may seem daunting at first, but being a supervisor can be a very rewarding experience and APWA's new Basic Supervision training materials can help both the first-timers and the old hands appreciate, enjoy and excel in the role of a public works supervisor.

The Basic Supervision in Public Works Training Package can be purchased and used in a variety of ways. The total training package consists of: (1) the Basic Supervision in Public Works Facilitator's Guide; (2) PowerPoint slides for all eight modules of the course; and (3) the Basic Supervision in Public Works Student Manual. The Facilitator's Guide offers instructional tips and ideas for presenting a useful and effective training session. The course's eight modules include: The Nature of Supervision; The Qualities of Leadership; Why Supervisors Must Be Good Communicators; Organizing and Planning; The Importance of Effective Delegation; The Nature of Change; Challenges in the Workplace; and Developing Effective Employees and Work Teams.

Organizations and instructors who purchase the total training package, may then purchase as many Student Manuals as needed for their training session at a significantly discounted price. Since the training materials are segmented into eight modules, the training sessions may be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organization or target audience. For example, a public works agency may wish to present the modules one by one in weekly staff meetings; or an APWA Chapter or other organization may decide to offer the course in either a full two-day timeframe or as a series of half-day sessions. The options are endless and the choice is yours!

We've not forgotten about those supervisors who can't get away from the job to attend training or who live in areas where no course is being offered. The Basic Supervision in Public Works Student Manual may be purchased separately and used as a self-study course or as a handy reference guide for how to deal with the various roles and challenges a supervisor must face. It is jam-packed with case studies and examples from real life public works situations and offers practical advice and solutions to help both the newly hired or promoted first-line supervisors and the more experienced among us who are looking for new approaches for being more effective team leaders, change agents, and coaches.

The total Basic Supervision in Public Works Training Package and/or the Student Manual/Self-Study Guide may purchased from APWA. To order, go on-line to www.apwa.net or call (816) 472-6100.