Take Your Kid to Work Day

Misty Melvin
Marketing Coordinator
Ciorba Group, Inc.

Editor's Note: "Take Our Daughters (or Children, to be more inclusive) To Work Day" has been gaining in popularity over the years. Below is an explanation of how one particular company conducted the April 26 event.

Ciorba Group, Inc., Chicago, Illinois, celebrated its First Annual Take Your Kid to Work Day on Thursday, April 26, 2001. This nationally recognized day allows children the opportunity to experience their parents' workday and provides exposure to a variety of career choices. Participation was open to all employees and their children between the ages of 9 and 16. Staff members actively participated by providing hands-on training sessions in the many engineering disciplines performed at Ciorba. Our goal was to provide fun, educational activities for the kids which accurately depicted job functions, with minimal disruption to the daily office routine. The results surpassed our highest expectations! The day was rewarding for kids and parents, as well as the Ciorba staff.

Preparation for the day involved organizing staff and materials for the various training sessions, preparing gift bags for each child, and converting the conference room into a computer workshop. The day began at 8:00 a.m. with refreshments (doughnuts, bagels, coffee and juice) for all. Photographs were taken of each child and parent as they arrived for distribution later in the day. The group was assembled in the conference room for an overview of the company and facility tour given by the President, Jerry Heimsoth. Following the tour, the majority of the day was scheduled into workshops. Each workshop detailed various job functions and allowed for hands-on experimentation.

The agenda for the workshops included sessions on computer drafting, how roadways are constructed, traffic signal operations, and the design of street lighting. A survey workshop was conducted outside the office where each child was shown how to use a total station and data collector.

The structural staff held a workshop using the West Point Bridge Designer program that let each child develop their own bridge design over a river crossing. The program allows selection of the bridge type, size of structural components, and then tests for safety of the design by "driving" a truck over the bridge. If the design is too weak, the truck falls into the river.

Additional workshops were also held for accounting, human resources, and marketing. The marketing session involved each child developing their own website, with the results posted on the Ciorba website.

Following the workshop sessions, each child was presented with a Certificate of Participation and a framed photo of them with their parent. The final hour of the day was allotted for individual time with each parent and their specific work.

The day was an enormous success for staff and children. We can't wait for next year!

For more information, please contact Misty Melvin at 773-775-4009 or at mmelvin@ciorba.com.