NPWW poster focuses on outreach and education

R. Kevin Clark Editor, APWA Reporter

This year's National Public Works Week poster focuses on community outreach and the educational efforts of local public works departments. The poster is one of numerous ways that chapters and agencies can promote National Public Works Week, May 20-26, the theme of which is "Working in the Public Interest."

Jon Dilley, Manager of Marketing and Graphic Design and the coordinator of National Public Works Week promotional activities at APWA's Kansas City headquarters, said that the idea of using children in the photo was to emphasize the outreach aspect of National Public Works Week celebrations.

"Working in the public interest is a common theme that runs through much of what the association does," said Dilley. "This year we decided to focus on the kids since there are so many chapters and municipalities that are conducting outreach programs such as educational sessions at schools and open houses."

The photo shoot was held at the Municipal Service Center of the City of Kansas City, Missouri, Public Works Department. Dan Frueh, a Kansas City-based photographer who has done custom artwork for APWA, took the shots. Gaila Rodgers, who works for the KCMO Public Works Department in the Administration Office, was responsible for finding the location for the shoot and coordinating the set.

And, no, the photo at right isn't the one that appears on the poster; for that you'll need to turn to page 34 in this issue. Actually, the children-who are related to APWA staff in various ways-were asked to take a goofy picture after being very patient for the hour-long shoot.