Perth International Public Works Conference, Western Australia

An opportunity to visit Down Under-August 26-31, 2001

Chris Champion
Chief Executive Officer
Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia

Did you enjoy the Sydney Olympics? Keen to visit Australia? Here is an opportunity to experience "first hand" international exchange of ideas. Some say that the Sydney Games were only a test event for the Perth International Public Works Conference to be held in Western Australia in August 2001!

The Perth International Public Works Conference will be the first for the Institute of Public Works Engineers of Australia (IPWEA) in the New Millennium. The IPWEA has a strong and healthy partnership with APWA and wishes to foster this arrangement by extending an invitation to you to visit Australia next year.

Innovation: The key to the future

With increasing pressure on delivering competitive services, use of technology and effective management practices, "Innovation" will be the key to your future-and the theme for our conference.

Engineering is traditionally seen as a science, but you could also think of it as an art that requires ingenuity, imagination, and creativity. In Australia, you only have to look at the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Sydney Olympic venues, the Perth Swan Bell Tower and the Graham Farmer Freeway, as examples, to appreciate the ingenuity of engineers in delivering "public works" of art.

While there will be examples of innovation showcased from many parts of the world at the conference, Western Australia itself will also offer delegates excellent examples from a wide range of public works.

The innovative incremental launch techniques used for the duplication of the Narrows Bridge and the construction methodology used to construct the Northbridge Tunnel section of the Graham Farmer Freeway are world firsts. You will be inspired by the innovative approach to housing 18 bells more than five centuries old in an 82.5 meter high glass spire on the banks of the Swan River which will create one of the largest musical instruments in the world.

These and other projects will be showcased in the conference technical tours and will demonstrate the combination of engineering uniqueness and international innovation.

International exchange of ideas

Delegates to APWA's own annual Congress will be aware of the regular contingent from Australia. The IPWEA organizes highly successful Study Tours that have been run for some years. These tours have seen many IPWEA members travel to foreign shores-mainly North America, but also the United Kingdom-to experience the latest in technology and management techniques being practiced in these countries.

Without exception, the feedback from those who participate in these Study Tours has been that they have proved invaluable in enhancing their personal and professional development. The participants have returned with increased skills and confidence that greatly adds value to their employment.

Australia in return can offer visitors world best practices in issues such as project management, traffic calming techniques, and advanced asset management. As Ken Haag, past Chair of the International Affairs Committee recently reminded us, "We are truly living in a Global Village." No longer should we insulate ourselves in our own familiar territory. There is much to learn from the international exchange of ideas.

Conference Topics

Conference topics at Perth will include papers on the full range of public works including Environment; Quality Assurance; Risk Management; New Technologies; Asset and Maintenance Management; Recreation and Facility Management; Transport and Traffic Management; Safety and Health; Infrastructure; Human Resources and Organizational Management; Performance Management; Coastal Engineering; Customer Service; Project Management; Public Works Reform; Geographical Information Systems; Pavement Management...and more.

Perth-your host city; Australia-your host country

Perth, with its congenial climate and relaxed lifestyle, has been a popular travel destination for many visitors who return time and time again.

Set between the expanses of the Swan River-named after the unique black birds discovered there more than 160 years ago-and 400 hectares of natural bushland of King's Park, Perth is one of our most beautiful cities. A lively restaurant and nightlife scene, an enviable range of sporting activities, and world class entertainment will make sure your visit to Perth is memorable.

Our conference organizers are keen to assist you with planning pre- or post-conference touring to complete your visit. For example, visit historic Fremantle (once home to the Americas Cup), the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru in the red heart of Australia, or Sydney on the east coast. A special program is also planned for partners. Conferencing is a combination of work and play, so be prepared to do both. IPWEA and its members look forward to welcoming you to Perth in August 2001.

For more information, contact the Conference Secretariat, Promaco Conventions, PO Box 890 Canning Bridge, WESTERN AUSTRALIA 6153; or by e-mail at Tel: +61 8 9332 2900, Fax: +61 8 9332 2911.

The Conference web site is

Chris Champion may be contacted at

APWA Study Tour to Perth 2001

As the saying goes, travel broadens the mind. This is doubly so when the travel is combined with a study tour.

APWA is considering organizing a Study Tour to the Perth International Public Works Conference in August 2001. The tour would incorporate visits to public works authorities in Australia, and pre/post-conference touring options.

Group discount opportunities will be available. There are also significant currency exchange benefits in travelling to Australia at this time.

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW for further information on the APWA Study Tour by e-mailing your contact details to