2001 Editorial Calendar

The topics for the APWA Reporter's 11 issues in 2001 are presented below.

  • December/January: Innovative Financing
  • February: Water Resources
  • March: Environment
  • April: APWA Corporate Member Directory of Products and Services
  • May: Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year
  • June: Information Technology and Computer Applications
  • July: Transportation; Top Public Works Projects of the Year
  • August: Fleets
  • September: Congress Show Issue
  • October: Winter Maintenance
  • November: 2001 Congress in Print

Regular Features:

  • President's Message
  • Inside APWA
  • Washington Insight
  • Glad You Asked
  • Moments in Public Works History
  • Products in the News
  • Career Opportunities
  • Professional Directory
  • World of Public Works Calendar