APWA and Rebuild America in Financing America’s Future

Key political leaders throughout the country recently received a special publication, Financing America’s Future, published by The Bond Buyer. If they look closely, they will see APWA and the Rebuild America Coalition represented. The APWA advertisement, reprinted at the right, is another step to reinforce APWA’s name familiarity among policy makers as a knowledgeable source of information and voice for infrastructure.

Financing America’s Future is a one-time special publication focusing on the growing concern that the U.S. has not spent enough on or paid enough attention to its infrastructure. Included as part of this special, keepsake publication are letters written by each of the nation’s Governors that provide a view/opinion of how state governments around the country plan to deal with infrastructure challenges.

In addition to the Governors’ letters, Financing America’s Future includes in-depth commentary featuring financial experts and political leaders. The Bond Buyer, which began in 1891, serves the municipal bond industry that facilitates the financial infrastructure needs of the U.S.

The publication was distributed to delegates to the Democratic and Republican national conventions, members of Congress, all Governors, campaign staff, selected Hill staff, selected state legislative staff, miscellaneous other political leaders, and representatives of numerous media outlets.