APWA introduces new infoNOW communities

R. Kevin Clark
Editor, APWA Reporter

In today’s world of rapidly changing technology and advancement, keeping informed is a tremendous challenge for all agencies and corporations. The need for rapid delivery of information and answers to tough questions has become exceedingly important in public works. Everyone-including department heads, managers, and line-employees-is looking for answers from associations as well as their peers.

Good news: Now you can have this and more. For all APWA members and those of you who have enjoyed the benefits of APWA’s Internet Mailing Lists, these are not just mailing lists anymore. We’ve added several enhancements to the already excellent benefits you receive through the mailing lists, including the ability to network with your peers, ask questions and get answers, and, most importantly, get information when you need it.


APWA infoNOW communities began nearly two years ago as Internet mailing lists, when APWA first began its web site. Up to now, these have included Government Affairs, Environmental Update, Transportation News, Disaster Preparedness and Damage Prevention, Fleet Operations, and Facilities and Grounds. All members of APWA are eligible to subscribe.

What is “infoNOW”?

APWA is introducing infoNOW communities, where NOW is an acronym for Networking On the Web (e-mail connection with your peers) or News On the Web (since we’re supplying you with news). And the “news” includes an expanded list of topics-or communities-encompassing Government Affairs; Environment; Transportation; Operations (combination of Fleet, Facilities, and Grounds); Infrastructure Protection and Right-of-Way Management; Design Engineering and Construction; Management Administration and Finance; and Rural and Small Communities Issues. As an APWA member, you’re welcome to sign up for as many of these communities as you want.

Interactivity is the key

You may not realize how you can interact with the infoNOW communities and the process in general. Essentially, there are a variety of ways to utilize infoNOW. You can receive e-mails concerning a given community; reply back to those e-mails; or even send a question (not unlike a message board) where members would respond to your question. For example, if you have a question regarding roads or bridges, then, using the Transportation infoNOW community, you could post your question-or send an e-mail-and get answers quickly and efficiently. And obviously, the more members who sign up for infoNOW, the quicker your responses will be.

Digest Feature

When you receive information, you can take advantage of our new digest feature, which allows you to receive all of your messages at the same time each day.

Other benefits

infoNOW is truly an effective way to receive timely information. Other benefits include the ability to:

• Receive up-to-date information on issues, trends, products, and current events.

• Exchange information with your peers concerning best practices, legislative and regulatory developments, research findings, and more.

• Receive answers to solve difficult problems.

• Get updates on policies and positions.

• It’s also free for APWA members!

How to subscribe

To subscribe, visit the APWA web site at www.apwa.net. On the home page, follow these steps:

• Click “Members Only” on the main menu-left side of screen.

• Log on using your member ID number.

• In the Members Only index, click on the “infoNOW” link.

• Follow the easy instructions to sign up for the infoNOW communities.

For more information on infoNOW, visit our web site at www.apwa.net. For technical assistance, contact infoNOW@apwa.net.