Proud to Care: APWA connects with the community

Proud to follow your example

Dana Priddy, Director of Meetings
Diana Forbes, Meetings Coordinator

In every community, there are those who are less fortunate, who have no shelter and are hungry. Did you know that Americans waste 27 percent of their food? If we could reclaim only five percent of that amount, we could feed four million people per year.*

It has long been apparent that public works employees give to their communities in many ways, through everyday efforts as well as charitable contributions. In 2000, APWA National is proud to follow your example by launching Proud to Care—a humanitarian effort that will provide food for the hungry. The Proud to Care tradition will begin in Louisville, Kentucky, at The Best Show in Public Works—APWA’s International Public Works Congress and Exposition, September 10-13.

It seemed appropriate to announce this program in conjunction with National Public Works Week 2000, a week of public recognition honoring you, the public works employees who strive to improve the day-to-day conditions of your communities.

In that tradition, APWA is pleased to begin this important and highly visible program of community support. It is designed to go one step beyond your daily contributions by giving to the communities that host our annual Congress and Exposition.

Kentucky Harvest is a non-profit organization that rescues surplus food in the Kentuckiana area and distributes it to over 130 shelters, missions, and agencies that feed hungry people. Kentucky Harvest was founded in 1987 in Louisville, Kentucky. It is the original chapter of USA Harvest, which now has 118 chapters throughout the U.S. and three overseas. Since that time, it has supplied community centers in Louisville and Southern Indiana with over 23 million pounds of food.

In addition to feeding hundreds on a daily basis, there have been expansive non-perishable food drives that raised thousands of pounds of food for Hurricane Andrew victims and other crisis-related events. Kentucky Harvest, along with its chapters, is the largest volunteer corps in the country working on poverty-level hunger.

Here’s your chance to help! We are asking Congress attendees to participate by bringing a nonperishable food item to donate to Kentucky Harvest. Additionally, all surplus perishable food from Congress events will be donated to Kentucky Harvest. They will ensure that it gets to those in need. We are planning to extend the effort of feeding the hungry to all of APWA’s conferences, meetings, and workshops.

Won’t you help? Start encouraging your public works employees now to participate.

You can help by:

1. Including information on the Proud to Care humanitarian effort in your National Public Works Week promotions.

2. Reminding those attending Congress in Louisville to participate by bringing items to donate.

3. Adopting the Proud to Care theme for all your charitable events.

If you have questions about this program or ideas on how to increase its visibility, call APWA at 816-472-6100 and ask for Dana Priddy or Diana Forbes.

Let’s truly make this humanitarian effort a huge success by showing that public works employees are indeed Proud to Care.

*As stated in a recent article in Louisville’s Courier-Journal.