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Listed in this index are all articles published in the APWA Reporter during January 2013. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order.

  • President's Message, Jan, p. 2
  • Washington Insight, Jan, p. 4
  • Technical Committee News, Jan, p. 8
  • Adult learning and journaling (Donald C. Stone Center), Jan, p. 10
  • Chicago on the cheap: pizza served deep, Jan, p. 12
  • Public Works Project of the Year Award, Jan, p. 14
  • The art of helping, Jan, p. 15
  • Recognize Your Leaders, Jan, p. 16
  • Index to 2012 articles, Jan, p. 18
  • Core Competencies for a Public Works Leader, Jan, p. 26
  • Global Solutions in Public Works, Jan, p. 28
  • Applied Public Works Research, Jan, p. 34
  • Dirty Work: A training exercise in emergency management, Jan, p. 38
  • Get ready: NIMS-compliant training for public works, Jan, p. 41
  • Local multi-hazard mitigation planning and the public works professional, Jan, p. 44
  • North Carolina conference places focus on the role of public works in emergency management, Jan, p. 46
  • Integrating public works into emergency management, Jan, p. 48
  • So you think you're prepared, Jan, p. 50
  • Public Works directs Endeavour Shuttle debut in L.A., Jan, p. 52
  • IAEM's Certification Program: the ultimate credential in emergency management, Jan, p. 56
  • City of Beloit Department of Public Works Hazmat Team, Jan, p. 58
  • Ask Ann, Jan, p. 62