Listed in this index are all articles published in the APWA Reporter during August 2010. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order.


  • Chapter Membership Achievement Award winners announced, Aug, p. 4
  • Awards 2010, Aug, p. 24

Back to the Basics

  • Proactive vs. reactive workload planning, Aug, p. 64

Congress 2010

  • Four options to attend Congress, Aug, p. 35
  • Don't miss these at Congress!, Aug, p. 36
  • One-day passes available for Congress, Aug, p. 36


  • 2009-2010 APWA Diversity Committee's accomplishments, Aug, p. 12
  • Young Professionals: The Future of APWA, Aug, p. 16

Emergency Management

  • Administering FEMA requirements doesn't need to be a disaster, Aug, p. 42

Engineering and Technology

  • LiDAR puts impervious surfaces "on the map, Aug, p. 90
  • Maintaining good community relations during construction, Aug, p. 100
  • A better way to rebuild better infrastructure, Aug, p. 114
  • Agencies find the "I" in GIS to create next generation solutions, Aug, p. 122

Fleet Services

  • 2010 light truck rollout: more bang for the municipal buck, Aug, p. 126

Inside APWA

  • APWA Board actions set stage for exceptional year, Aug, p. 8
  • Are you involved in a community? You should be!, Aug, p. 18

International Idea Exchange

  • International Affairs Committee 2009 to 2010, Aug, p. 66

Leadership and Management

National Public Works Week

  • Los Angeles honors outstanding public works employees, Aug, p. 20

New APWA staff

  • Sabrina Vargas, Aug, p. 17

President's Message

  • Serving our communities and our profession: a proud tradition, Aug, p. 2

Small Cities/Rural Communities

  • Emerald ash borer threatens your community's ash trees, Aug, p. 93

Solid Waste Management

  • Turning environmental eyesores into signature public parks, Aug, p. 38
  • Don't waste a good bug-bioreactor landfill, Aug, p. 52
  • Ventura Regional Sanitation District launches innovative Biosolids Drying and Renewable Power Generation Facility, Aug, p. 58


  • Green jobs creation for budgets in the red, Aug, p. 48
  • Innovative approaches for sustainable energy management, Aug, p. 62
  • Reliability Re-Found: Nesting resilient and adaptive solutions into urban infrastructure, Aug, p. 120
  • Security's sustainable role, Aug, p. 132

Technical Committee News

  • Underneath it all...Utility and Public Right-of-Way, Aug, p. 11


  • Creating a transit station that enhances your community, Aug, p. 86
  • Training your staff to comply with ADA requirements: making curbs compliant, Aug, p. 102
  • Comparisons of rubberized asphalt binders, Aug, p. 111

Utility and Public Right-of-Way

  • The professional utility coordination process and how it can benefit your projects, Aug, p. 68
  • Creating a Right-of-Way Management Program, Aug, p. 72
  • Sustainability of our right-of-way, Aug, p. 74
  • Sustainable solutions for right-of-way management, Aug, p. 78
  • Update your seawall design, Aug, p. 80
  • Utility coordination through cooperation, Aug, p. 82

Washington Insight

  • DHS National Cyber Security Division to evaluate APWA members' cyber systems, Aug, p. 6

Water Resources

  • Rethinking rain gardens, Aug, p. 50
  • A new approach to the collection of urban weather data, Aug, p. 56
  • Reducing stormwater runoff impacts, Aug, p. 96
  • Precast Concrete: The stormwater management solution, Aug, p. 104
  • Environmental Management System: A key to effective management and sustainability for water and wastewater utilities, Aug, p. 106
  • Categorizing extreme rainfall events by severity, not rarity, Aug, p. 116

Winter Maintenance

  • Salt Brine: An anti-icing solution, Aug, p. 130