Listed in this index are all articles published in the APWA Reporter during June 2009. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order.

Cleaning up the Kitchen

  • Dealing with difficult employees, Jun, p. 22

Congress 2009

  • Walking down memory lane at the Jack Nicklaus Museum, Jun, p. 14
  • How to stop getting by and start getting ahead, Jun, p. 16


  • Reaching out to our communities, Jun, p. 18

Engineering and Technology

  • Dominguez Gap Wetlands, Jun, p. 30
  • Practical design leads to early completion and saves $22.24 million, Jun, p. 32
  • Surveying in 3D, Jun, p. 34
  • Going green saves green: how improving driving behavior helps the environment and the bottom line, Jun, p. 36
  • Web applications reduce total cost of ownership and make automating construction management a reality for local agencies, Jun, p. 38
  • Project management with a catch: the Buckroe Fishing Pier, Jun, p. 40
  • Don't let your "Infrastructure Stimulus Dollars" get washed away!, Jun, p. 46
  • Navigating the EECBG Program for cities and tribes, Jun, p. 49

Inside APWA

  • 2009 APWA Chapter Education Summit: What's working now, what's next?, Jun, p. 12

International Idea Exchange

  • Sustainability a major issue for 2008 Australian Tour to USA and Europe, Jun, p. 26
  • Infrastructure and the New Zealand economy, Jun, p. 28

President's Message

  • Discover Columbus - Explore Congress 2009, Jun, p. 2

Small Cities/Rural Communities

  • Successfully implementing a Quality Assurance Program in a small community, Jun, p. 20


  • APWA takes the lead on sustainability in public works, Jun, p. 10

Technical Committee News

  • Engineering and Technology Committee: Applying technology in public works, Jun, p. 8

Washington Insight

  • Levee sustainability, mapping flood risk and the National Flood Insurance Program, Jun, p. 6