Nov 4, 2013

The APWA Center for Sustainability is seeking case studies!

The APWA Center for Sustainability is collecting examples of case studies that demonstrate sustainability in public works. The Center for Sustainability defines sustainability in public works as “seeking a balanced approach for a vibrant community today and tomorrow, and it is accomplished by the efficient delivery of infrastructure in an environmentally and socially responsible way that ensures the best economic choice in the long term. The Center would like to highlight sustainable public works and infrastructure projects, programs and local initiatives so that we can build a collection of useful resources.

We are seeking case studies on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to:
  • Communications and stakeholder engagement
  • Making the case for sustainability to your elected officials
  • Recognizing a sustainability champion on your team
  • Budgeting/ finance issues
  • Transportation/ Transit
  • Water
  • Fleet
  • Facilities and Grounds
  • Small cities and Rural communities
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Leadership and Management
  • Solid Waste/ Recycling
  • Others topics that you want to share!
We have created a template for you to follow-- Please keep the case studies as brief as you can while still providing robust information. Pictures, graphics and other images always add to the presentation. Center for Sustainability Leadership Group members Michael Simpson and Kurt Corey have put together example case studies for you to use as a model.
  1. Humboldt Stormwater Greenway Project.   Michael Simpson, Senior Environmental Engineer, City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation. 
  2. Sustainable Methods for Pavement Preservation.  Jenifer Willer, P.E., City of Eugene Enginerring Division. 
The Center for Sustainability will publish these case studies on the APWA website and make them accessible to everyone. This is a great way to tout your own success, share learning experiences and advice, and connect with other public works professionals working to create sustainable communities. Case studies will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Thank you and if you have any questions please contact Julia Anastasio at