Sep 6, 2012

Latest ISI Envision Updates

Information on the EnvisionTM Checklist, Verifiers and Credentialed Professionals Available Now

Envision™ Checklist Now Available
The Envision™ Checklist, an educational tool designed to help users become familiar with the sustainability aspects of infrastructure project design, is now available here on the ISI website. APWA’s Center for Sustainability along with key APWA volunteers were instrumental in designing the Checklist and making sure that it was a useful tool for public works departments. The Envision™ Checklist can be used as either a free standing assessment tool for comparing sustainability alternatives for a project, or as preparation for a more detailed sustainability assessment under the Envision™ Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System.

While Envision™ Checklist results are not verified by ISI nor eligible for ISI awards, users can determine (by using the Checklist) how their project's concepts and design relate to Envision™ and potential achievement in sustainable infrastructure performance. To access the portal for the Envision™ Checklist, click here and follow the prompts to enter your ISI log in.

Verifiers, EnvisionTM Sustainability Professionals
In other ISI news, the first class of Envision™ Sustainable Rating System Verifiers "graduated" on August 21, 2012 after completing an intensive 1.5 day hands-on training program which covered all aspects of Envision™ and its application to the rating of various types and sizes of sustainable infrastructure projects. Verifiers are the backbone of ISI's independent, third-party, project evaluation system Envision™, which will be capable of rating all types and sizes of sustainable infrastructure projects. The class, comprised of 35 engineers, water and wastewater professionals, urban planners, and infrastructure industry leaders, had each previously earned their ISI-Envision™ Professional Credentials.

EnvisionTM Sustainability Professionals are individuals who have been trained and credentialed in the rating system. Use and application of Envision™ requires training, experience and expertise so consider getting trained today. EnvisionTM Sustainability Professionals are specially trained and credentialed by ISI in all aspects and uses of the Envision™ Rating System tool. They are the front line experts in the uses and benefits of Envision™ in a wide variety of public and private infrastructure projects. An EnvisionTM Sustainability Professional also plays a key role in endorsing any project submitted to ISI for third party verification. To access additional information on EnvisionTM Sustainability Professional Credentials, click here and follow the prompts. ISI has also launched the Envision™ Sustainable Professional online directory on the ISI website. The directory enables infrastructure owners, contractors, design team members and others to quickly locate ENV PV credentialed professionals by state for their projects. To access the Envision™ Sustainable Professional online directory click here.