Banner Ads

Banner advertising on APWA’s website is a great way to keep your name in front of the thousands of public works professionals who access our site each day. 
Contact Fox Associates at (312) 644-3888, for more information, or to place a banner ad.

Place your banner ad on APWA’s site rotation, which includes:
  • Rotation on ALL pages on (with the exception of APWA WorkZone pages and some PWX pages) for maximum reach;
  • Banner ads are clickable (if you provide us with a hyperlink). Each banner advertisement will hyperlink to the advertiser’s designated home page or website of choice, which will be presented in a new window;
  • A minimum of 5,000 impressions per month guaranteed;
  • No more than 30 advertisers in rotation.

Production specifications

Banner ad rates


APWA WorkZone Ads

The APWA WorkZone website averages over 117,000 pageviews per month (more than 1.4 million each year).  There are several types of advertisements in the APWA WorkZone–job posting ads, internship ads, featured employer ads, and homepage ads. For pricing information on ads in APWA WorkZone, please click here.  Homepage ads in APWA WorkZone are skyscraper format and are 160 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall.

NOTE: Online advertisements must be submitted in electronic format (preferably via e-mail).
APWA reserves to right to refuse any banner or link that conflicts with APWA priorities and/or projects.

Advertise in APWA Reporter magazine

Visit the APWA Reporter webpage for the media kit which contains information about advertising in the Reporter.