Sustainable Transportation Subcommittee
The mission of this subcommittee is to gather information on the best practices in sustainable transportation and encourage their use by educating APWA membership. The subcommittee primarily serves the Transportation Committee’s goal to "assist APWA members to acquire and maintain the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully develop and implement sustainable public works infrastructure and deliver transportation services with consideration of social, economic and environmental costs."

The subcommittee has adopted seven focus areas that are defined below. We encourage you to follow the links for information that has been developed and presented by the subcommittee along with additional resources.

2016 Focus Areas:

Recycled Materials in Public Construction Projects
Subcommittee Contact(s): Freeman (Fritz) Anthony, Gary Demich, Sam Yaghmaie
     New Economy Trend Demands Innovation, Courage and More Use of Common Sense
     Recycled Materials in Construction: Divert that Waste Stream 
     Transportation Challenges Demand a Fundamental Cultural Shift

Porous Surfaces
Subcommittee Contact(s): Evan Pratt, Freeman (Fritz) Anthony
Progressive Intersections and Roundabouts
Subcommittee Contact(s): Evan Pratt
     Roundabouts: The sustainable intersection choice
     Sustainable Transportation: A Round-a-bout Way to Think 

Infrastructure Rating Systems
Subcommittee Contact(s): Francine Shaw-Whitson, Freeman (Fritz) Anthony
     In the Ring with Greenroads: We Got Certified—So What?
     Testing your INVESTment in Highway Sustainability
     The Envision Infrastructure Rating System

EPA/HUD/DOT Partnership
Subcommittee Contact(s): 
Urban LID Maintenance
Subcommittee Contact (s): Peg Staeheli
     Green Systems Infrastructure Maintenance 

LED Lighting
Subcommittee Contact(s): Ben Jordan

The subcommittee has also adopted a 2012 action plan that includes writing related material for industry publications; educational sessions at Congress; related legislation tracking; Click, Listen and Learn sessions; and planning for future focus area development.

The new APWA Center for Sustainability core principles also provide guidance to the subcommittee’s efforts:
  • Enable APWA to become a driving force for sustainability.
  • Create an integrated vision for future, sustainable public works.
  • Build an APWA structure that motivates and enables public works practitioners to act more sustainably.
  • Develop the next generation of public works leaders with strong sustainability credentials and commitment.

Subcommittee Contacts: Sam Yaghmaie (206-898 5594, or Mani Rajendran (905-668-4113,