Mission Statement: The Engineering and Technology Committee works to encourage the increase, sharing, and application of knowledge about technology and advancing practices in public works, pursuing  APWA's mission to develop and support the people, agencies, and organizations that plan, build, maintain, and improve our communities.
A message from Andrew Lemer, Engineering and Technology Committee Chair, 2015-2016
Engineering and technology are fundamental to public works and to almost all aspects of modern life. In keeping with APWA’s mission to develop and support the people, agencies, and organizations that plan, build, maintain, and improve our communities and contribute to a higher and sustainable quality of life, the Engineering and Technology Committee (E&T) works to provide APWA’s members with resources for increasing understanding, advancing practice, and enhancing the value of public works. 
E&T resources available through this web site have three primary objectives:
  • To provide information about emerging technology, technical and society trends, and new insights into the implication of engineering practice for our communities and quality of life,
  • To support education of public works practitioners, users, and other stakeholders about the issues, techniques, and tools of public works management,
  • To inform advocacy by APWA and others for development of community values and public policy supporting wise investment and use of society’s resources for public works.
We invite you to browse and make use of these resources through the links on this page, to give us your comments on what you have found to be useful or not so useful, and to suggest what we might do to address your needs.  Our members would like to hear from you!
We would like also to have you join with us in our work. Committee membership is limited by APWA’s policies and procedures, but we welcome E&T friends and subcommittees working under E&T auspices on specific projects or topic areas of ongoing interest to public works practitioners. Please contact me if you want to participate! (alemer@nas.edu)

E&T also is working to support applications of technology for effective collaboration within APWA and between APWA’s members and the wider community of public works practitioners. Look for our members (see our current roster) in the blogosphere and on social media!