Feb 9, 2016

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Chattanooga, Tennessee's EPB Smart Grid Recognized for Electrical Excellence

Chattanoooga, Tennessee - The community-wide Smart Grid, operated by EPB, the municipally-owned utility that serves the area, was recognized by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) with Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal (PEER) certification.  Chattanooga’s Smart Grid is the first major power distribution system to earn the PEER certificate for electric power systems.  The PEER certification is based upon how reliable, efficient, and sustainable an electric utility is in delivering and helping customers use power.

"We've built a great platform to give us and our customers a wealth of data to detect problems earlier and to better manage our power grid for reliability and efficiency," said EPB Executive Vice President David Wade.

Customer outage minutes have been cut by nearly 55 percent thanks to the installation of intelliRuptors, which are used to detect power interruptions and voltage swings and reroute power to minimize the number of customers affected. The smart grid is also facilitating cleaner energy generation and reducing energy waste. In addition, Chattanooga’s internet connection speeds have increased to up to 10-gigabits per second since the installation of the fiber optic network that provides communications for the Smart Grid.

PEER certification is based on 69 criteria used to evaluate a utility's operational effectiveness, customer contribution, reliability and resiliency, and energy efficiency and environment. Chattanooga’s power grid scored nearly 23 percent higher than the PEER rating base standard.

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