Class Orientation
Introductions: Class Orientation (KCMetro PWI)

Unit 1: Supervisory Techniques and Skills
Crew Scheduling (KCMetro PWI)
Conflict Resolution
(KCMetro PWI)
Disciplinary Action
(KCMetro PWI)
Job Interview Techniques (KCMetro PWI)
Labor Management Relations (KCMetro PWI)
Managing Workplace Stress (KCMetro PWI)
Public Works Supervision (KCMetro PWI)
Supervising Others (KCMetro PWI) 
Supervisor's Role and Function (KCMetro PWI)
Time Management (KCMetro PWI)
Time Management Worksheets (KCMetro PWI)
Workplace Safety (KCMetro PWI)

Unit 2: Basic Management Skills
Basic Management Skills (KCMetro PWI)
Maintenance and Work Management Systems, Information Systems and Records Management (KCMetro PWI)
Negotiation Skills
(KCMetro PWI)
Organizational Assessment (KCMetro PWI)
Organizational Theory (KCMetro PWI)
Overview of the Public Works Process (KCMetro PWI)
Overview of the Public Works Process - HANDOUT (KCMetro PWI)
The Public Works Process
(KCMetro PWI)
Understanding Generational Differences (KCMetro PWI)

Unit 3: Communications Skills
Conducting Effective Meetings (KCMetro PWI)
Formal and Informal Business Communications
(KCMetro PWI)
Presentation Skills (KCMetro PWI)
Social Medial 101 (KCMetro PWI)
Written Communications (KCMetro PWI)

Unit 4: Leadership Skills
Career Self Assessment (KCMetro PWI)
Change Management
 (KCMetro PWI)
Defining Public Works Leadership Excellence (KCMetro PWI)
Ethical Dilemmas - CASE STUDY (KCMetro PWI)
Leadership Core Competencies (KCMetro PWI
People Styles (KCMetro PWI)
Personal Success - A Key to Public Works Improvement
 (KCMetro PWI)
Professional Development (KCMetro PWI)
Public Works and Supervision Ethics
(KCMetro PWI) 
Supervising Your Team I (KCMetro PWI)
Supervising Your Team II (KCMetro PWI)
Team Development (KCMetro PWI)

Unit 5: Community Service/Customer Orientation Skills
Cultural Awareness and Community Service (KCMetro PWI)
Customer Service
(KCMetro PWI)
Employee Relations (KCMetro PWI)
Media Relations (KCMetro PWI)
Public/Citizen Relations (KCMetro PWI)

Unit 6: Impact of Law on Public Works
City Attorneys' Panel Discussion (KCMetro PWI)
Impact of Law on Public Works
Laws Impacting Public Works
(KCMetro PWI)

Unit 7: Fundamentals of Government
Council Relations (KCMetro PWI)
Fundamental of Government
 (KCMetro PWI)
Public Works, APWA and KC Metro APWA Chapter History (KCMetro PWI)
Roles of Local, State, Federal Legislative-Executive Bodies (KCMetro PWI)
The Regulatory Process (KCMetro PWI)

Unit 8: Finance 
Budgeting and Finance (KCMetro PWI)
Purchasing and Inventory Management 
(KCMetro PWI)

Unit 9: Resource Management Skills
APWA Self Assessment - Accreditation (KCMetro PWI)
Basic Project Management
(KCMetro PWI)
Decision Making
 (KCMetro PWI)
Managing Consultants - OUTLINE (KCMetro PWI)
Public Works Resources
(KCMetro PWI)
Unit 10: Overview of Public Works Operations
Airport Management (KCMetro PWI)
Equipment and Fleet Maintenance
 (KCMetro PWI)
Facilities and Grounds
(KCMetro PWI)
Managing a Stormwater Organization (KCMetro PWI)
Managing a Wastewater Utility (KCMetro PWI)
Managing a Water Supply Utility (KCMetro PWI)
Managing Building Codes and Property Maintenance Codes (KCMetro PWI)
Managing Construction (KCMetro PWI)
Managing Engineering & Technology (KCMetro PWI)
Municipal Planning and Urban Development (KCMetro PWI)
PW Role in Emergency Management 
(KCMetro PWI)
Right of Way Management (KCMetro PWI)
Sustainable Materials Management (KCMetro PWI)
Transportation (KCMetro PWI)
Urban Forest Management (KCMetro PWI)
Unit11: Creating the Future
Creating Partnerships (KCMetro PWI)
Creating Partnerships - EXAMPLE (KCMetro PWI)
Data Driven Decision Making
(KCMetro PWI)
Data Driven Decision Making - GROUP EXERCISE (KCMetro PWI)
Leveraging Resources with Other Entities (KCMetro PWI)
Process Skills
Sustainability 101 (KCMetro PWI)