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You're not alone. When you're faced with difficult questions concerning your community's public infrastructure and need answers quickly, you can now have access to the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Through its infoNOW communities, APWA connects you to the most highly educated public works professionals who have experience in the areas you have questions about.

What are infoNOW communities?

APWA's infoNOW communities are email networks consisting of public works professionals (based on subject area) who share questions, answers and real-life experiences. The best part of it is, as a member of APWA, this network of professionals is at your fingertips for no additional cost. Subscribe to one or all, it's up to you.

The following communities are available:

infoNOW Community email address*
Canadian Public Works canadianpw Information exchange on all public works and infrastructure issues unique to members in Canada, and information on programs and activities of the Canadian Public Works Association (CPWA).
Design Engineering & Construction engineeringandconstruction Construction management, Engineering contract issues, GIS, GPS, QBS (Quality Base Selection), Design / Build
Education and Training education An active information exchange on education, training or professional development initiatives throughout all levels of APWA. Information shared might consist of successful programs, speakers or events primarily at the chapter level as well as requests for assistance in finding or providing training.
Emergency Preparedness emergency Preparedness issues that directly effect all areas of public works and public infrastructure asset systems, including discussions on all four phases of emergency management: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.
Environment environment Water Systems, Water Operations, Storm water, Sewer system management, SDWA implentation, Solid waste management, Environmental issues, Wetlands permitting, and Air quality.
Fleet fleet Fleet management and operations, fuels, equipment and vehicle acquisition, maintenance and disposal, certification, technician training and professional development, shop rates, equipment specifications, charge-back rates, fleet management software, performance measures, alternative fueled vehicles, and new technology.
Government Affairs gov-affairs Information and updates on public works issues, regulations, legislation; advocacy; APWA Legislative Action Alerts; and notice of APWA Washington Report.newsletter availability
Historical / Public Works Historical Society pwhs Historical information relative to public works, Society announcements and business, assistance for chapter historians.
Infrastructure Protection and Right-of-Way Management infrastructureandrightofway One-Call centers and systems, Utility marking, Utility coordination, Damage prevention, and Right-of-way management.
Management, Administration & Finance management Management issues.  General management.
Operations operations Facilities, Grounds, Street maintenance, Indoor air quality, ADA compliance, Environmental regulation, Building operations, Public Parks, and Service contracting.
Small Cities/
Rural Communities
scrc Rural issues.  General rural.
Sustainability sustainability An active forum for the exchange and announcement of issues specific to sustainability, including such issues as the triple bottom line, livable communities, best management practices and updates from the APWA Center for Sustainability.
Transportation transportation Transportation planning and design, Transit, Airports, ITS, Roads and Bridges
Urban Forum urbanforum An active information exchange and announcement venue specifically for APWA members from large urban areas. Information on the Urban Forum infoNOW Community will address transportation, water, wastewater, homeland security and all other public works isses and programs that focus on the needs of our nation's largest communities.


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* Utilizing the infoNOW Community's email addres is one way members can send a message to a specific infoNOW Community (must be one he/she is are subscribed to).  For example to send a message to the Engineering and Construction infoNOW, member/subscriber would address the email message to