The American Public Works Association is active at the local, state and national levels through coalitions with other organizations with interests in public works and infrastructure issues, and has a number of partnerships with both public and private sector organizations. These partnerships broaden both the services and strengths of APWA and enable the association to make the most efficient use of its resources without duplicating products and services available to members from other sources.
Czech Republic Public Works Association 

Date of Agreement: March 1997, Staff Contact: Lillie Plowman
Purpose: Originally structured to foster communication, promote partnering; promote job site safety; explore new technology;  and develop uniform cost accounting., this agreement has flourished. APWA and the Czech Public Works Associations’ Presidents and members regularly attend the respective organizations Conferences.  CZPWA hosts APWA’s Jennings Randolph Fellows at their annual Conference held with the Slovak Public Works Association and assist them with their study tour.  CZPWAPA has presented technical sessions at the APWA Conference.

The Slovak Public Works Association
Date of Agreement
: September 2000, Staff Contact: Lillie Plowman
Purpose: Purpose: To enhance the quality of life by facilitating the exchange of ideas, information, technology and management practices; exchange information concerning public works innovations and technology. The two organizations attend each others respective conferences. SPWA hosts APWA’s Jennings Randolph Fellows at their annual Conference held with the Czech Public Works Association and assist them with their study tour. 
Engineers Without Borders –USA
Date of Agreement: April 2011 , , , , ,, ,, ,, , Staff ContactLillie Plowman 
Purpose: APWA and EWB-USA support the common goals of making the world and better place, improving the engineering profession and are dedicated to empowering developing communities to improve their quality of life through the implementation of environmentally sustainable, equitable and economical projects. The Agreement between the organizations will promote the involvement of APWA chapters and members in EWB-USA programs and projects.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Date of Agreement: 2007, (Renewal in progress), Staff Contacts: Laura Berkey-Ames & Teresa Hon
Purpose: APWA and FEMA, through joint activities, will support public works professionals in the successful management of public works infrastructure and facilities, and ensure livable communities. We will promote a greater understanding of emergency management programs such as mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery  Partnership Agreement: (PDF) 

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Date of Agreement: April 2012, Staff Contact: Carol Estes
Purpose:  Promote greater coordination of efforts to improve the Nation’s public infrastructure by providing a quality, cost-effective, and safe transportation system for our customers.  Partnership Agreement [PDF] 

Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia  (IPWEA) 
Date of Agreement: September 2004, Staff ContactLillie Plowman
Purpose:  The American Public Works Association (‘APWA’), and the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia(IPWEA) seek through this agreement to establish a strong partnership between our respective organisations. Our common purpose is to enhance quality of life by facilitating the exchange of ideas, information, technology and management practices among persons professionally involved in the delivery of engineering and management services for public works infrastructure.
Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
Date of Agreement: May 1998, Staff ContactPeter King
Purpose: Exchange complimentary booth space; Reciprocal rates for educational programs and meetings; Joint marketing and videoconferences; Meeting speakers and representation; Task force; Joint development of programs.

ICLEI-Mexico – Local Governments for Sustainability
Date of Agreement: No formal agreement signed but ongoing relationship, Staff ContactLillie Plowman
Purpose: APWA and ICLEI Mexico have been working in concert to provide opportunities and exchanges between their members and cities. APWA’s Latin American Task Force coordinates efforts with ICLEI to provide speakers for ICLEI events and Congress exchanges.

International City/County Management Association ICMA – CityLinks
Date of Agreement: October 2011, Staff ContactLillie Plowman
Purpose: In regard to work to be performed under USAID’s Leader with Associates Cooperative Agreement, the City-to-City (C2C) Partnership Program, ICMA recognizes that APWA offers comprehensive resources and also recognizes APWA’s members’ expertise in water and sanitation and its tools and training curriculum. ICMA will call upon APWA for technical assistance and for development and implementation of training, experts and pro-bonos and in the identification of U.S. candidate cities that may partner with project cities in the area of water and sanitation

International Federation of Municipal Engineering - IFME
Date of Membership: March 2011, , Staff ContactLillie Plowman
Purpose: To connect Municipal Engineers and Professionals, Public Agencies, Organizations, Institutions and Businesses involved with Municipal Engineering and Public Works around the world in order that they share a global pool of knowledge, thus fostering continued improvement in the quality of public works and wider community services through enhanced professionalism of all parties.

ational LTAP Association
Date of Agreement
: 1998, Staff ContactMabel Tinjacá
Purpose: Collaborative education efforts; National Local Technical Assistance Program Assoication (LTAP) and Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) provides promotion to chapters; Speakers at meetings; Collaborate on development of educational materials; Meeting schedules; Exchange information on mailing lists, and publication of newsletter topics.  

Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS)
Date of Agreement: 1997, Staff ContactNikki Guillot
Purpose: Joint sponsorship of meetings, publications and training; Encourage participation of members at each other's meetings; reciprocal rates at meetings and for publications. Partnership Agreement: RTF